What is Capital.com?

Trusted by more than 1,770,216 customers, here are the reasons why people choose to trade on Capital.com

  • Easy to use award-winning CFD trading platform.
  • Access to more than 4,000 markets, small spreads, zero commissions, and no hidden fees.
  • View more than 70 indicators, price alerts and leverage up to 1:200.
  • Five-star teaching materials, making you a better trader.
  • Industry-leading regulatory agencies: FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), CySEC (Cyprus Exchange and Securities Commission) and Deloitte (Deloitte Accounting Firm) are fully regulated, audited and authorized.
  • Effective risk management tools to protect your income.

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Why do investors choose Capital.com?

At present, Capital.com has 78+ million registered users and the transaction volume has reached 13 billion US dollars. The choice of users is Capital.com’s greatest affirmation.

Trading has never been easier
Customer-centric. Capital.com is simple to operate and award-winning, providing you with a smarter, more convenient and more intuitive trading platform.
Artificial intelligence and trading
Use advanced artificial intelligence to analyze your trading behavior and help you make more favorable trading decisions.
4000 world famous markets
Use your computer or mobile app to participate in the world’s hottest trading market, whether it is indexes, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies or foreign exchange, and enjoy the best spreads and zero handling fees on Capital.com.
Industry-leading features
You are only one click away from a great trading opportunity. Capital.com provides you with more than 70 technical indicators, thousands of charts, sentiment indicators, price alerts, and 200 times leverage (only for professional investors), allowing you to enjoy unprecedented intelligent trading.
Safe and secure funds
Stop loss order, take profit order, negative balance protection function (no need to pay for the negative equity gap).
Investmate, exclusive trading assistant
Everyone has the potential to trade successfully. Investmate, your exclusive trading assistant, always provides you with trading knowledge and dry goods.
Supervised by industry-leading regulatory agencies
Capital.com accepts the supervision of the world’s largest financial regulatory agency.
Best data security protection: real-time protection
Capital.com strictly complies with the requirements of the PCI data security standard , uses Transport Layer Security to encrypt personal data, and cooperates with the two major financial managers in Europe, RBS and Raiffeissen, to store your funds in a separate fund account.

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What is foreign exchange trading?

Foreign exchange trading refers to the way of currency trading in foreign exchange exchanges or foreign exchange markets. The foreign exchange (abbreviated as FX) market is a global decentralized currency pair trading market, and foreign exchange rates are determined according to the relationship between supply and demand. In the foreign exchange market, traders can buy, sell or exchange currencies at current prices. The trading volume of the foreign exchange market ranks first in the global trading rankings.

The foreign exchange market operates on multiple levels through financial institutions. There are many participants in the foreign exchange market, ranging from large investment banks to retail traders. Although some foreign exchanges are for practical purposes (for example: to facilitate travel abroad), the vast majority of foreign exchanges are initiated by traders for for-profit purposes.

A large number of foreign exchange transactions that occur in one day may cause extreme volatility in the foreign exchange market, and it is this volatility that makes foreign exchange attractive to many traders. While volatility brings higher profits, it also increases investment risks.

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