AZAforex Table of Contents

What is AZAforex?

The AZAforex broker is a reliable partner in the foreign exchange market, always focused on the interests of the clients.

AZAforex continues working on the development of new products and services, as well as on the improvement of the commercial conditions, which helps clients to operate with maximum profit.

The professional and modern MT 7 platform allows you to be a private trader, manage a trader in a PAMM account, as well as act on behalf of a company or become an investor.

You can build a career as a successful PAMM account manager and earn trading money by managing large investment assets.

Find out more about AZAforex and their Mobius Trader 7 in the official website below.

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AZAforex’s Account Types – Mobius Trader 7

AZAforex providers its traders with 3 account types which are Start, VIP, and Pro.

See the table below to find out the difference between AZAforex’s trading accounts’ conditions.

Account Type START VIP PRO
Minimum Spread 0.0001 pips 0.00001 pips 0.00001 pips
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500
Trading Tools 71 131 114
Binary Options 107 107 107
Execution Model ECN ECN ECN
PAMM Service Available Available Available
Cryptocurrency Bonus 5% for deposits over $100 from 10 up to 25% from 5 up to 25%
120% Loyalty Bonus Available Available Available
CD bonus None Up to $2000 $200
Account Opening Pages Open AZAforex START Account Open AZAforex VIP Account Open AZAforex PRO Account

For more information about AZAforex, go to AZAforex Official Website.

Go to AZAforex’s Official Website

What you can trade on AZAforex?

With AZAforex, you can trade 131 major financial instruments on Forex with currency pairs, precious metals, oil and gas, indices, and shares of CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and options with the best spreads on the market from just 0.00001 pips.

There are many advantages to trade Forex and CFDs on AZAforex’s Mobius Trader7 platform.

Daily profitable trading tips and tricks.
AZAforex shares great knowledge with its traders. In AZAforex Official Website, stay updated of the recent market tips and tricks.
Multi-currency accounts with currency exchange.
AZAforex has prepared more than dozens of account base currencies so that investors from all of the world can avoid unnecessary currency conversions.
Fixing, reversal, and blocking orders.
On AZAforex’s Mobius Trader7, you can utilize many order types. These flexible order settings will make your investment more efficient.
Create your indicators and advisors.
On AZAforex’s Mobius Trader7, you can create your technical indicators and expert advisers.
Account registration in 30 seconds.
The account opening with AZAforex can completed easy and smoothly.

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Why you should trade with AZAforex?

AZAforex is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines so that the broker can provide its traders with flexible conditions, gorgeous promotions, and many other advantages.

Leverage up to 1:1000
On AZAforex’s Mobius Trader 7, you can trade Forex currency pairs with up to 1:1000 extremely high leverage.
No re-quotes or stop levels
AZAforex does not interfere to traders’ investment activities.
Scalping and Hedging allowed
On AZAforex’s Mobius Trader 7, you can perform any trading strategies including scalping and hedging.
15 Account Base Currencies
You can open AZAforex’s trading account in 16 account base currencies including Cryptocurrencies.
Spread from 0.00001 pips
With AZAforex, you can trade Forex and CFDs with one of the tightest spreads.
Trailing Stop on the server-side
On AZAforex’s Mobius Trader 7, you can set up a trailing stop on the server side.
Higher payout of 190% in options
On AZAforex’s Mobius Trader 7, you can also trade Options to explore more opportunities.

AZAforex is interested in the wishes of our clients, which is why the broker offers various bonus and refund programs.

The bonuses allow AZAforex’s clients to use additional financing in their operations to obtain the maximum benefit.

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