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Who is ATFX?

Founded in 2017, ATFX is a specialist in online trading and investment, offering access to world markets via its award-winning, state-of-the-art trading platforms.

Along with its renowned offering in Forex, ATFX provides access to a wide range of products such as Stocks, CFDs, Futures and more for a client base that spans over 180 countries and includes retail customers, brokers and some of the world’s premier financial institutions.

In a business that combines people, technology and global financial markets, ATFX places the highest value on transparency, innovation and providing the “human touch” with world-class customer service.

ATFX’s mission is to be the world’s most profitable and professional facilitator in global capital markets.

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ATFX provides MT4 with NDD (Non Dealing Desk)

ATFX’s job is to pass on the orders of the clients to the liquidity provider immediately upon receive of the said order.

When we talk about liquidity providers, they could refer to an Investment Corporation, Hedge Fund, bank or even another broker.

What is clear is that there will be no intermediary involved who will filter the order through the Dealing Desk.

The absence of this Dealing Desk essentially speeds up the processing of the client’s orders on ATFX MT4.

It also eliminates the sending of re-quotes to the client which most investors find advantageous as this will allow them to trade by the release of financial news without restrictions.

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ATFX’s STP Trade Execution

ATFX’s STP (Straight Through Processing) now enables traders to execute their orders directly with sources of liquidity or primarily Interbank participants.

ATFX acts in an agency facility as contrasted to operating a dealing desk or trading against clients.

ATFX’s client orders are only based on two variables, the price and the time that the order is placed.

The result is automated and streamlined execution where price re-quotes are non-existent regardless of the market environment.

ATFX’s MT4 live platform pricing is based on institutional standards of 0.00001 fractional increments.

ATFX MT4 provides trading secrecy which gives the trader an equal playing field.

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No conflict of interest between ATFX and traders

Brokers that present fixed spreads are most likely acting in the scope of a Market Maker and taking opposing positions, acting as the counterparty, or booking the risk on their customer orders.

In this case, client losses directly benefit the market maker broker.

While this is not innately negative, it reduces transparency and brings into question potential conflict of interest in the order handling process.

ATFX eliminates this concern and offers institutional level trading conditions to retail traders globally via the unique liquidity integration with ATFX’s MetaTrader4 trading platform.

ATFX offers totally conflict-free dealing services to valued clients.

All orders are 100% automated and no dealer or human intervention in the process ever comes into play.

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What you can invest in with ATFX?

By opening one account with ATFX, you can invest in many financial markets all together.

1. Forex currency pairs

Trade your dollars to Yens, and Euros to Francs and become part of the world’s largest market, with about 3.2 trillion US dollars in daily volume and 24-hour market action.

Trade at your convenience whilst enjoying high leverage (up to 1:400), easy access and no commissions or fees.

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2. Commodities

From oil, to wheat, to gold and more.

Commodity trading is a method of investing that involves the international trading of primary goods, and is one of the main foundations of the global trading system.

Enjoy generous leverage (up to 1:100) with no fees or commissions and maximize your profits with ATFX.

3. Stock Indices

Trade the FTSE 100, Dow Jones 30, S&P 500, Hong Kong Hang Seng and others.

Gain exposure to a range of Equity Market Indices with Index CFDs that track the price changes of leading equity markets.

Enjoy attractive leverage of up to 1:100, no fees or commissions and become part of the global marketplace today.

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4. Stocks (Shares)

From Google, to eBay to Apple and more.

Trading Stocks allows you to access global markets from the comfort of your own trading platform.

Apply risk management tools such as stop-loss and limit-orders whilst using leverage (up to 1:10) to amplify your investments with ATFX.

5. Bonds

Trade Japanese, German, British or corporate bonds, and enjoy low spreads, attractive leverage (up to 1:4), and high returns.

Not only is trading bonds extremely beneficial to an investment portfolio, but it also provides the perfect alternate trading vehicle in times of unpredictability in the market.

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Why you should invest with ATFX?

ATFX offers currency traders a regulated, completely transparent trading environment plus STP and DMA access to the world’s most liquid market, industry-leading order execution and competitive pricing.

ATFX has no strategy restrictions, so actively welcomes scalpers, hedgers, discretionary traders and fund managers wishing to trade manually and/or with automated solutions.

ATFX’s MetaTrader4 environment delivers incredible order execution and absolutely no trade intervention.

  1. Regulated Counterparty
    ATFX is an International Business Company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and is also authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.
  2. Forex spreads as low as 0.0 pips
    ATFX offers its clients access to a competitively priced trading environment. Strong relationships with leading liquidity providers allows ATFX to offer deep liquidity and non-correlated pricing on an aggregated basis.
  3. True STP Clearing
    All order execution is STP on ATFX MT4. Clients enjoy lightning-fast execution and the assurance that there is no conflict of interest between themselves and ATFX, meaning no stop-hunting and no re-quotes.
  4. Account Types
    ATFX provides traders with a choice of account types with flexible leverage up to 1:400, choice of currency denomination, trade sizes from 1,000 currency units, and minimum deposits starting at just $100 or €100.
  5. Free Trading Resources
    ATFX offers all traders access to complimentary trading tools, educational material, videos, platform guides, and more.
  6. Unrestricted Trading
    Trade Forex the way it was meant to be traded without limitations. Enjoy flawless order execution, no re-quotes, and little to no slippage no matter how you trade.
  7. Wide Range of Traded Instruments
    ATFX provides traders with access to over 40 currency pairs and spot precious metals.
  8. Segregated Bank Account
    ATFX has custodian relationships with tier-1 banks and, following regulatory requirements, client funds are fully segregated from corporate capital.

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Invest on ATFX MT4 (MetaTrader4)

Trading with ATFX MetaTrader4 enlightens your experience of Forex trading.

It makes your Forex Trading more purposeful.

The expert solution offered on the ATFX MetaTrader4 platform makes Forex trading very stable and reliable.

If you ever assumed that Forex trading would be difficult and hard to understand, use MetaTrader4, and you would find the trading analysis logical, powerful and user-friendly.

The trading platform provides you with charts and technical analysis, consequently guiding you to trade on the best currency pair.

The best feature associated with ATFX MetaTrader4 platform is its multilingual platform interface.

Language should not be a deterrent towards your quest for success, that’s what ATFX MetaTrader4 does.

Its professional functionality gives you every reason to trade Forex.

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Trade anytime and anywhere on ATFX MT4

Take your account on the road. There are two great mobile applications to trade from.

With your ATFX MT4 account, they give you two different ways to take your trading on-the-go.

With the ATFX MT4 Mobile trader or the MT4 Web Trader, there is a platform for every kind of trader.

Both platforms are of course completely integrated with your ATFX MT4 account.

Brought to you by the people behind Metatrader4, the MT4 app is a very powerful mobile trading platform.

Sophisticated charts and a great trading environment brings the power of the ATFX MT4 to your mobile devices.

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ATFX provides Free Forex Education and Market Analysis

ATFX provides you with all the necessary educational resources to enhance your trading performance.

ATFX utilizes an elite team of experienced financial experts that constantly create new, interesting, and relevant educational content to improve economic literacy.

Whether you are a new to the trading market or already have experience, ATFX supplies important facts and concepts to help improve your financial understanding.

ATFX realizes that trading can be an intricate and complex undertaking without sufficient market comprehension.

In response, ATFX’s account holders benefits from exclusive educational content that includes fundamental analysis, technical analysis, market history, and popular trading strategies.

Open an account with ATFX today and take advantage of their comprehensive educational tools.