Trading strategy with a dead cat bounce!

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Sleep and Trade with a VPS


What is trader’s worst nightmare? Losing their money!

With enough of trading experience you can escape miscalculations, bad risk analysis, market crash and etc. and prevent money losses.

But what about hardware crash, web and power outages, system errors and other external factors that can dramatically influence your money flow?

There’s a solution! Read more in the article and keep your money save 24/7.


Weekly Economic Calendar

  1. January 30, 21:00 MT time – FOMC statement
    • The supportive tone of the Federal Reserve will boost the USD.
  2. January 31, 15:30 MT time – Canada’s GDP growth
    • If the actual level of GDP growth outperforms the expected level, the CAD will go up.
  3. February 1, 15:30 MT time – US Non-farm employment change
    • If the figures come out greater, than the forecasts, the USD will rise.

Trading Strategy with a Dead Cat Bounce


Don’t worry, no cats were harmed in the making of this article.

The meaning of this strategy is simple: even the dead cat may bounce if the speed is fast enough.

The term “dead cat bounce” is used when the market rebounds within a prolonged downward movement.

However, such a rebound usually lasts for a short period of time.

While the market goes up and down, different forms of retracements are always possible.

That is why these situations may be used by some smart traders to earn money.

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FRESH ANALYTICS – The US-China trade talks: is the resolution close?

FRESH ANALYTICS - The US-China trade talks is the resolution close

The trade truce between the US and China affected the market sentiment a lot during the last weeks.

The intellectual property rights issue, as well as the weaker economic growth in China, were among the key factors which increased concerns on reaching a good deal.

According to the comments by the US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, the two sides may reach a deal, but a lot of issues should be worked out before that.

He notes that China needs to apply economic reforms and open up its markets to end the trade war.

As the first round of talks in China did not provide any final breakthrough, the market anticipates the further negotiations between the two sides on January 30-31.

The officials and the market expect the release of the statement on the progress after the meeting.

Any progress on the trade negotiations will be appreciated by the market.

Traders need to pay attention to the risk-weighted currencies, such as the AUD and the NZD, as the news may provide additional volatility to these currencies.

Budget Management – Traders Edition


A lack of money management skills can cost you everything you have on your trading account – even if you are good in everything else.

We analyzed the most popular money management strategies and picked the most valid tips for those who want to maximize their investment effort.

What can you do to enter, stay, and profit on the market through money management?

Read on and see.

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