FBS has launched the Loyalty Program, which you can get gorgeous rewards just by trading with FBS.

There are 18 rewards and special services that you can get with the program, and each of them requires certain points and status.

What are the rewards and the requirements?

Here is the table for you.

Prizes and VIP services Required FBS prize points Required active trading days Green Silver Gold Platinum
[Invite a Friend] promo 1 point charged to both Client and Friend + + + +
VPS server for EAs 33 10 + + + +
Cash for points 100 5 + + + +
Private coaching session 50 10 + + + +
FBS lucky souvenir collection 50 20 + + + +
Samsung Tab S3 32GB 250 30 + + +
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 256GB 300 30 + + +
iPhoneX 256GB 500 30 + + +
MacBook Air 13” 256GB 600 50 + +
iMac Pro 27” 32GB 1500 70 + +
Rolex Submariner 10000 70 + +
Trip to FBS Headquarters 15000 100 +
Mercedes S-Class 50000 150 +
Rolex Yacht-Master Gold 30000 70 +
High priority deposit & withdrawal processing + + +
High priority customer requests via online chat + + +
Exclusive Birthday & New Year gifts + +
Personal manager + +

For more information about the program, please go to the promotion page below.

FBS Loyalty Program Promotion Conditions

Psychological view on what leads to success

FBS Loyalty Program is a great program for both beginners and professional traders, but in order to get more points and rewards, you need to continue trading.

And in order to continue trading, you can’t just lose your funds by trading and making more deposits as that is not really a smart move.

Now, did you know that trading psychology is one very important aspect to be a professional trader?

Analyst Richard St. John has been interviewing hundreds of successful people for 7 years and came up with a list of things that REALLY make people successful.

  1. Passion
    • Do what you love, or love what you do. When the process itself makes you feel good, the money comes anyway.
  2. Work
    • Your IQ, talent and passion won’t make you successful if you don’t work hard on becoming better.
  3. Good
    • You need to become really good in what you’re doing. There’s no magic – only a lot of practice.
  4. Focus
    • Focus yourself to one thing. Channel your time and effort to your work, and success will follow by.
  5. Push
    • Self-doubt can stop you, but you need to push yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally.
  6. Persist
    • Obstacles will pop up, but you need to be persistent to pressure, criticism, envy and fear. You can do it!

Join FBS now and start new year in a new way!

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‘100% Deposit Bonus’ besides the Loyalty Program

'100% Deposit Bonus' besides the Loyalty Program

New Year is coming – let’s meet it with some extra profit!

Get +100% to any of your deposits now to celebrate the upcoming 2019!

This bonus is up to $20,000 added to your deposit – and you can use this money to trade and withdraw your profit after.

You can get 100% to each of your deposits, until the bonus limit reaches $20,000.

Details of 100% Deposit Bonus

What you need to do?

  1. Deposit any sum up to $20 000 (it can be several deposits)
  2. Click “Get bonus” right next to chosen deposit on the bonus page in your personal area!

fbs 100% deposit bonus promotion mt4 mt5

What you need to remember

  • Bonus is unavailable for ECN accounts and MetaTrader5
  • Maximum leverage for bonus account is 1:500
  • To withdraw the bonus profit, you need to trade a certain amount of lots

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