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  • The gift of hearing: another dream came true with FBS
  • Easy strategy for trading when a failing breakout occurs
  • Brexit and G20 Meetings

Dreams Come True with FBS

Mrs. Buaabsh from Algeria, like any other loving mother, wants the best for her child. Unfortunately, her son Adam has troubles with hearing.

His mother asked FBS for the hearing aid, so that Adam could hear and develop like all the other kids.

FBS was extremely happy to make this touching dream come true and bring happiness to the family of Mrs. Buaabsh.

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Weekly Economic Calendar

  1. Jan 16, 11:30 MT time – British CPI
    • Strong data will support the GBP in times of Brexit uncertainties.
  2. Jan 18, 11:30 MT time – British Retail Sales
    • More encouraging economic data are, stronger the GBP is.
  3. Jan 18, 15:30 MT time – Canadian CPI
    • Encouraging data will push the CAD up.

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How to earn on a Failing Breakout

An easy trading strategy “Trader Vic’s 2B pattern” when the trend reverses.


A failed breakout is probably one of the most annoying and unfortunately frequent phenomena in trader’s life.

Traders invented various methods to deal with them.

Find out the easiest and widely used method to earn when the failing breakout occurs!

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FRESH ANALYTICS – Brexit and G20 Meetings

FRESH ANALYTICS - Tips from FBS expert

The first important event of this week is the Parliament Brexit Vote.

It is worth reminding that the first vote was scheduled for December 11, however, Theresa May canceled it because of the increasing risks of being defeated.

The new vote is scheduled for January 15, however, a possibility that Mrs. May postpones it again is high.

Moreover, a forecast that the Parliament votes against the Brexit plan is not encouraging. In any case, the GBP will be under big pressure.

Further postpones or a rejection of the plan by the Parliament will pull the GBP down.

Another significant event is the G20 Meetings. Any comments during the meetings may turn markets upside down.

Follow news with FBS to not miss a chance to trade on the high volatility during such important events!

Market Worktime Changes

Attention, traders! On January 21st, due to Martin Luther King Day, several changes in market hours will occur.

Stocks, Metals, Brent, WTI and American indices will be closed at 20:00 MT time.

Please mind these changes when planning your trading sessions.