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  • Why aren’t you a millionaire yet?
  • Parties you’ll get to only after your first million
  • Forex and social media: alternative information source

Why aren’t you a millionaire yet?

A walk through for 5 levels on the way to a successful trading.

Why aren't you a millionaire yet

Elon Musk can casually pop a bottle of champagne worth more than one’s month salary, while others… well, can’t do the same.

In search of an additional income source many people come to trading.

Forex is surrounded by myths, misconceptions and concerns.

Beginner traders start their quest to successful trading with 5 levels – read out walkthrough and get ready to earn!


Events of a Top-Status: Millionaires Only


There’s a big difference between pricey events and the events we’re going to tell you about.

Pricey event can have a ticket worth tens of thousands of dollars.

However, sometimes no money can buy you the right to be invited.

Check out the fanciest most luxurious events you will only get invited to if you have a millionaire status.

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Weekly Economic Calendar

fbs weekly economic calendar

  1. Dec 12, 15:30 MT time – US CPI
    • Encouraging figures will boost the USD
  2. Dec 13, 11:00 MT time – SNB Press Conference
    • Optimistic comments from the central bank will support the CHF
  3. Dec 13, 15:30 MT time – ECB Press Conference
    • Hawkish mood of the central bank will push the EUR up

FRESH ANALYTICS – Tips from FBS expert

FRESH ANALYTICS - Tips from FBS expert

Brexit deal: closer or further?

It’s not a secret that the Brexit deal is the major driver of the GBP. This week will bring more Brexit news.

On December 11, the House of Commons will deliver its verdict on Therese May’s Brexit deal. Experts predict Therese May will fail this vote. As a result, it will create more uncertainties around the Brexit.

In case of the failure, risks of the second referendum and the vote of no confidence against May will increase.

Be ready for a high volatility of the GBP. If the Parliament votes against the deal, the GBP will plunge.

Vice versa, a positive outcome will bring the end of the Brexit era closer and support the GBP.

Forex and Social Media


The Forex market remain one of the most popular markets among the investors and traders.

And of course, nowadays whatever is popular is on social media.

Can social media be your helper in trading?

Or is it only a distraction and misleading source of scam? Find out in the article.

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