Cyprus is the third largest island that is located at the crossroads of three vibrant continents – Europe, Africa and Asia.

It is known as one of the thriving international business hubs in the Mediterranean region.

Cyprus’ strategic location and its accession as a full member of the EU as of May 2004 have made stringent law and ethics common in the workplace.

First-class commercial infrastructure, corporate tax incentives, low-interest rates and inflation together with a strong workforce have all contributed to making Cyprus a dominant business center in the Mediterranean.

The market economy is dominated primarily by the services sector where tourism and financial services account for nearly 80% of the country’s GDP.

Over the years, the Cyprus Government has put in place the necessary legal framework along with the Central Bank of Cyprus setting guidelines designed to prevent and combat money laundering.

These were placed in order to protect Cyprus’s exemplary operation as a business center and enhance its further development and security.

Moreover, Cyprus is committed to apply all the requirements of international treaties and standards in this area, specifically those deriving from the European Union Directives.