If your trades are not calculated towards the Loyalty Program, the following reasons may apply.

FBS Loyalty Program details

Trades closed too soon

For traders to be qualified for the Loyalty Program, these trades must be closed further than 59 points from the opening price.

59 points is 5.9 pips.

If you are performing scalping, the trades are most likely not qualified for the Loyalty Program.

24 hours for the Prize Point credit

FBS Prize points are credited once a day for the previous day.

Points crediting history is available in the “My Prize points history” section.

Trading with Bonus funds

FBS Prize Points of the Loyalty Program won’t be calculated for trading on the Bonus.

If you are not trading with your own funds yet, then you won’t get any Prize Points.

1 year passed

FBS Prize points are valid throughout one year from the day of attainment.

Points that were not used within the validity period (1 year after crediting) are deducted in the order they were received.

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