You can see the accumulated XMP (XM Points) in the Client Portal.

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If your XMP is zeroed suddenly, then one of the following reasons apply.

You got demoted

If you are inactive in the relevant account for a certain period, you will be demoted.

The demotion will set the trader’s level to the ‘Executive Level’, no matter what level the trader was on.

Please refer to the below table.

Loyalty Status




1 lot (round turn)

1 micro lot (round turn)
0.1XMP 0.13XMP 0.16XMP 0.2XMP

Upgrade Conditions
After the first trade 30 days of trading 60 days of trading 100 days of trading

Downgrade Conditions
None 30 days of inactivity 60 days of inactivity 100 days of inactivity

Exchange rate to Trading Bonus
One third of XMP

Exchange rate to Cash Bonus
Not possible One fortieth of XMP

Once your points were zeroed, you cannot retrieve the XMP which you have earned so far.

XM Loyalty Program details

Violated XM’s promotion rules

If you have violated Terms and Conditions, XM might have taken certain actions.

This would be a very rare case, but you can contact XM support team to confirm, in case you have not been demoted.