If LMFX’s 100% Deposit Bonus was removed from your MT4 (Metatrader4) account, one of the following cases my apply.

1. Made a fund withdrawal

The bonus fund is available for withdrawal only if you have completed the required trading volume in the relevant account.

If your account has not met the volume requirement and you make a request of fund withdrawal, then the full bonus amount will be removed from the account.

The required trading volume to withdraw the bonus fund is calculated as follows:

Bonus sum / 2 = Number of lots

You must also make sure to send an email to LMFX support team once you complete the volume requirement, in order to release the bonus fund to your “Credit” section.

2. Cash Equity became zero

If volume requirements are not met and the equity of the Client’s account goes below the Deposit Match bonus amount, then the bonus is removed automatically by the system.

In other words, if the Cash Equity (Equity – Credit Bonus) becomes zero or less, all previously awarded Credit Bonuses will be canceled and withdrawn from the respective Client’s account.

In this case LMFX is not responsible for any consequences of the bonus cancellation, including, but not limited to, order(s) closure by Stop Out.

In the case of selecting the 100% Credit Bonus there is no margin call alert.

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