If you are not earning XMP (XM Points) even if you are trading on XM MT4 and MT5 accounts, one of the following reasons may apply.

1. You haven’t joined the XM Loyalty Program

To start earning XMP for your trades, you must confirm your participation to the promotion from the Client Portal.

Go to XM Official Website, verify your account information and confirm your participation to the Loyalty Program.

XM Loyalty Program details

2. Your trades closed within 10 minutes

For each trade to be calculated towards the Loyalty Program, the trade must be opened more than 10 minutes, before closing.

When the period of an order is equal or shorter than 10 minutes, the trade won’t be calculated towards the promotion.

3. Trading on XM Zero account or Ultra Low Spread account

Only Micro and Standard accounts can join this promotion.

Trades made in other account types, won’t be calculated for the XM Points.

If none of the above cases apply, you may contact XM support team to find out.

XM Official Website