If you are not receiving HotForex Supercharged Rebate on your MT4 accounts, then one of the cases may apply.

1. You are not eligible to join the promotion.

HotForex is a multi-licensed international online broker, and their service conditions and the available bonus offers may be different depending on the regions.

This is because HF Markets must follow the rules of each regulatory authority.

To find out if you are eligible to join the promotion or not, please visit HotForex Official Website and contact support team.

2. Rebate is credited once a day.

HotForex Supercharged Rebate is credited to applicable account once a day at 02:00 server time.

It’s not credited in real-time, thus you may wait for up to 24 hours for the rebate.

3. Your trades are not qualified for rebate.

The rebate can be earned for trades on Forex pairs and Gold only.

Also, if the trading volume is less than 0.2 lot or the position is closed within 1 minute from the opening time, these positions are not eligible for rebates.

Positions opened over 1 minute and closed before 2 minutes are eligible for the half amount of rebate.

4. Accumulated rebate amount is less than 5 USD.

The rebate bonus will be credited to your account once a day, only if the accumulated rebate amount is over 5 USD.

Rebate won’t be credited until the cumulative unpaid rebates have reached or surpassed the amount.

None of the above cases apply to your case?

Contact HotForex support team from the Official Website to solve the issue.