With the promotion “HotForex Loyalty Program”, there are several rules that you must follow to earn HF Bars.

The calculation is once a day

The calculation of the Client’s qualifying trades/actions and the updating of his/her HotForex Bars balance will take place once a day.

The calculation isn’t made in real-time, so you may wait up to 24 hours for HF Bars to be reflected in your account.

Applicable financial instruments

HotForex Bars are awarded per every round turn standard lot traded on Forex, Gold and Silver.

For other financial instruments on HotForex MT4, you won’t get HF Bars for trading.

5 minutes and 5 pips rule

For positions to be qualified for HF Bars, they need to be

  • closed at least after 5 minutes from the opening time
  • closed with a difference of more than 5 pips between open/ close price

If none of the above applies to your case, you may contact support team from HotForex Official Website.