To withdraw profit from FBS ‘Trade 100 Bonus’ account, you must meet certain requirements first.

You can check your progress in the Bonus account, by logging into FBS’s personal area as below.


FBS Official Website

For profit withdrawal from the Bonus account, here are the main requirements for profit withdrawal.

1. Profit must be 100 USD or more

The available withdrawal amount is 100 USD.

You cannot withdraw less or more amount from the Bonus account.

2. Account Verification

You must verify your account information with documents.

The required documents are ID and Proof of Address.

3. 5 standard lots

You must trade at least 5 standard lots within 50 days from the date of account opening.

Note that the trading volume is limited to 0.01 lot for each position.

4. 30 days of active trading

You must have more than 30 days of active trading within 50 days from the date of account opening.

The ‘active trading days’ count only the days which you have opened or closed trades.

FBS ‘Trade 100 Bonus’ promotion details

Restrictions to trading strategies

To be qualified for the profit withdrawal, the trading methods are also restricted.

The following options are prohibited:

  1. Locking/hedging
  2. Expert advisors (EA)
  3. Ladder strategy (It is not allowed to open a new deal in the same direction within an hour after the closure of the previous deal)

For more information or inquiries, please contact FBS support team from the official website below.

FBS Official Website