For the FBS ‘Trade 100 Bonus’ account with 100 USD No Deposit Bonus, there are some rules to follow and restrictions on trading methods.

You may not be able to trade due to the following reasons.

You have not logged in correctly

If the market prices in the ‘Market Watch’ aren’t changing or you don’t see the current account balances, you may not have not logged in to your account correctly.

Make sure that you have typed in correct:

  • Account Number
  • Password
  • Server Name


Only major Forex currency pairs

In the ‘Trade 100 Bonus’ account, you can only trade major Forex currency pairs.

Other financial instruments including minor Forex pairs, Metals, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies are not available, and they are all grayed out.

If you like to invest in other financial markets (symbols), please open other accounts with FBS.

Open an account with FBS

Trading Volume is limited 0.01 lot

In the ‘Trade 100 Bonus’ account, you cannot trade any other volume but only 0.01 lot.

0.01 lot equals to 1,000 units for major Forex currency pairs.

Up to 5 positions at the same time

The maximum number of positions that you can maintain at the same time is 5.

To open more/other traders, you need to close existing open positions.

FBS ‘Trade 100 Bonus’ promotion details

Other restrictions to the trading methods

In the ‘Trade 100 Bonus’ account, the following options are prohibited:

  1. Locking/hedging
  2. Expert advisors (EA)
  3. Ladder strategy (It is not allowed to open a new deal in the same direction within an hour after the closure of the previous deal)
These restrictions are set for requirements of profit withdrawal.

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