Before participating to FBS 100% Deposit Bonus promotion, there are several rules and requirements that you must know.

Here are some of the important rules that you should know.

1. Leverage is set to 1:500

FBS offers leverage up to 1:3000 for some account types.

If you decide to participate to the promotion, the relevant accounts will have up to 1:500 leverage.

You can choose which account to have the bonus in the personal area as below.


2. Bonus is not included to Margin Calculation

Once you receive the Bonus, the funds are reflected in “Credit” section in the trading platform.

But note that the Bonus funds are not included in Margin Call and Stop Out levels calculation.

Once you meet the trading volume requirement and withdraw the bonus, you can use the bonus fund for trading.

3. Restricted Account Types and Cryptocurrency pairs

FBS 100% Deposit Bonus promotion is available for all traders, but the followings are not eligible.

  • ECN and MT5 account types
  • Trading instrument BTCUSD

Make sure that you know the full terms and conditions of the promotion before participating.

For more information or inquiries, contact FBS support team 24/7 from the official website.

FBS Official Website