The bonus fund (100 USD) in ‘Trade 100 Bonus’ account, cannot be withdrawn.

The withdrawal sum of profit is 100 USD.

You can see the progress within your bonus account, by logging into FBS’s personal area.

The ‘Progress Bar’ is shown as follows:


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3 main Requirement for Profit Withdrawal

There are mainly 3 requirements to meet, in order to withdraw profit from your account.

Your profit amount must be 100 USD or higher in order to be able to withdraw first all.

The following requirements must be met within 50 days from the account opening.

Trading Volume – 5 standard lots

The total trading volume must be over 5 standard lots.

Note that you can only trade 0.01 lot per position, and cannot open more than 5 positions at the same time.

The trades which have more than 100 pips difference between the opening price and the closing price will be included to this volume calculation.

30 days of active trading

Within 50 days from the account opening, the number of days which you have opened or closed trades must be more than 30 days.

They are calculated as ‘Active trading days’ in the client portal.

Account Verification

To withdraw profit, you must verify your account.

To verify your account, you must submit a copy of ID and proof of address to FBS.

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