LQDFX’s 100% Deposit Bonus is available for withdrawal at anytime, once the bonus is credited into your account.

You can also use the bonus for trading purpose.

But please note that, the bonus won’t be credited into your MT4 (MetaTrader4) account until you meed the volume requirement.

The requirement to release the bonus

The 100% Bonus Value is calculated as $5 USD per round turn lot traded.

The bonus amount depends on the total deposit amount you made.

The calculation starts once you apply for the promotion.

When you complete the volume requirement, the pending bonus amount will be credited into your account finally.

LQDFX 100% Deposit Bonus details

Conditions of the volume requirement

While trading to meet the volume requirement, there is a few things that you must know.

  1. The calculation will be made only for trading on FX & Gold products.
  2. Only positions over 0.1 lots (10,000 units round turn) qualify for the bonus.
  3. Positions open for less than three minutes are not eligible to qualify towards the volume requirement.

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