By participating JustForex 100% Deposit Bonus promotion, there will be the following conditions applied to the bonus account.

Your own fund

You can withdraw your own fund at anytime you want.

But to remove the restrictions on the withdrawal of deposited funds, which participate in the promotion, the bonus should be canceled in the “Status” column on the “Received bonuses” page in the Back Office.

You can withdraw your fund without the bonus cancellation, if you meet the volume requirement before.

Profit made in the Bonus account

You can withdraw profits made in the bonus account at anytime you want.

Profit withdrawal doesn’t cause bonus cancellation.

Bonus amount

To withdraw the Bonus amount itself, you must trade the required trading lots in the relevant account.

The required trading lots is calculated as below:

Number of Lots = Bonus amount / 4

The above requirements apply for Mini, Standard accounts.

Note that any trades closed within 3 pips from the opening price, won’t be calculated towards the volume requirement.

Also trades that you have executed before you have confirmed your participation to the promotion won’t be included.

If you are worried about fund withdrawal for any reasons, please contact JustForex support team from the Official Website.