The bonus amount (1 USD) you can get from FXOpen’s “Welcome Bonus $1” promotion is available for withdrawal after trading certain amount.

The required trading lots for the bonus withdrawal is “100 micro lots”.

How much is 100 Micro lots?

In FXOpen’s micro account, 1 micro lot equals to 1000 units.

Thus, 100 micro lots is 10,000 units.

10,000 units equals 0.1 standard lot.

By using FXOpen’s leverage up to 1:500, it is possible to achieve the volume requirement with a small account balance.

All closed trades are counted both losing and profitable.

Fund withdrawal before the completion of requirement

If you request for a fund withdrawal before trading 100 micro lots in the account which you received the bonus, it will cancel/remove the bonus amount from the account.

If you are not sure about the withdrawal conditions, please contact FXOpen support team from the Official Website.

To receive the bonus from FXOpen, go to the online registration page below.

FXOpen Online Registration