Once you participate to Yadix’s 50% Welcome Bonus promotion, you must trade certain required volume in order to claim the bonus credited to your MT4 account.

Until you trade certain amount and claim, the bonus won’t be credited into your account.

The required trading amount to claim the welcome bonus is calculated as follows:

Bonus Amount (USD) * 0.3 = the required trading lots (standard lot)

Once you meet the volume requirement, you may send a request to Yadix support team to claim the bonus.

Go to Yadix Official Website

You can also claim for partial bonus amount once a month.

Once your bonus is credited into your account, you can use the fund for trading or withdraw at anytime you want.

There is no withdrawal requirement for the bonus fund.

For more information about the promotion, please visit the page below.

Yadix 50% Welcome Bonus details