While participating to XM’s Loyalty Program, you can withdraw your fund and profit at anytime you want.

Withdrawing your own funds or profit won’t cancel/nullify the accumulated XMP (XM Points) or demote your loyalty status.

Your loyalty status will be demoted only if your account is inactive for certain period.

Trading Bonus earned by exchanging XMP

At the rate of “One third of XMP”, you can earn trading bonus in your MT4 or MT5 account.

The trading bonus is available only for trading, and you cannot withdraw.

If you request for fund withdrawal, the trading bonus will be also removed proportionally.

Cash Bonus earned by exchanging XMP

Only traders with Diamond or Elite status, at the rate of “One fortieth of XMP”, Cash Bonus can be earned.

Cash bonus can be withdrawn at anytime you want.

You can also use the cash bonus for trading too.

For more information, contact XM support team.

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