LMFX’s 100% Deposit Bonus will be available for withdrawal once you trade the required volume in the relevant account.

The required trading lots for withdrawal is calculated as follows:

Bonus sum / 2 = Number of lots

Example of Bonus Fund Withdrawal

You (the Client) deposit 200 USD as your first deposit. You will receive another 200 USD as the “Deposit Match Bonus”. You have to trade the volume of 100 lots (only closed deals are taken into account). After successful trading of 100 lots you are allowed to withdraw the bonus .From there, usual withdrawal procedures will apply.

Regarding to the volume calculation, you must know the following rules set by the promotion.

  1. For trading on Indices, U.S. Shares, Gold and Oil transactions, 1 lot traded counts as 0.1 lot towards completing the bonus volume requirements.
  2. For U.K. shares 1 lot traded counts as 1/1000 lot towards completing the bonus volume requirements.
  3. Only trades that have a 3 pip difference between open and close price are counted towards the volume requirements

LMFX 100% Deposit Bonus promotion details

What if you make fund withdrawals?

If you make a withdrawal from your account before meeting the volume requirement, your account will be subject to a proportionate removal of the bonus amount awarded.

The formula used in this system is:


Example : If a Client withdraws 100 USD from the account, 100 USD will be subtracted automatically from the Deposit Match Bonus amount , previously claimed and awarded.

Internal funds transferred between trading Accounts within the Company are considered as withdrawals.

It means that Bonus removal will be applied if the amount being transferred out from the Deposit Match Bonus account is from the original balance, that was awarded a respective bonus.

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