The bonus funds you receive from the promotion “IronFX 100% Sharing Bonus” is not available for withdrawal.

In case you make a fund withdrawal or an internal fund transfer from the account which you have received the bonus, it will cause a removal of the bonus fund.

By participating the promotion, you can double the account balance and boost your online trading.

When you make a fund withdrawal, your loss and profit will be half, thus sharing the trading result with IronFX.

For example, if you make 500 USD of profit by using the bonus fund in the account. The final profit amount you can withdraw is 250 USD.

If you make 500 USD of loss by using the bonus fund in the account, The actual loss amount you must cover is 250 USD.

The promotion gives traders advantage of higher margin, while sharing profit and loss with IronFX itself.

If you are confused with the rule of the promotion, you may contact IronFX support team from below.

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