The bonus amount you can get from 30% Rescue Bonus promotion cannot be withdrawn at any circumstances.

You can only withdraw your fund and profit at anytime.

What happens when you make a fund withdrawal?

If you make a fund withdrawal from the account which you have received the bonus, the proportional amount of the bonus will be deducted from the account.

The formula used by the system regarding removals following a withdrawal request is withdrawal amount * 30%.

As the bonus will be also cancelled from your account, make sure that you have enough funds to support your existing open positions.

Otherwise the account could reach “Stop Out” upon the withdrawal.

If the your account reaches “Stop Out Limit”, you are entitled to an additional 30% rewards (the “Stop Out Rewards”) on subsequent deposits made into the Account. The maximum cumulative Stop Out Rewards that can be claimed is $3,000 or €2,000.

Internal fund transfer is also considered as a fund withdrawal.

For more information about the promotion and withdrawal procedures, please visit the official website from below.

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