HotForex 100% Supercharged Deposit Bonus is not available for withdrawal.

The bonus is available only for trading purpose.

The Bonus can be used to increase a your leverage but cannot be lost.

In the event that your account’s equity reaches or falls below the level of the Bonus account, the Bonus will be automatically removed from the your Account.

In the case of selecting the 100% SuperCharged Bonus there is no margin call alert.

You can withdraw your profit and the cash back rebate amount at anytime.

HotForex Supercharged Rebate is offered for all clients who participate in HotForex 100% Supercharged Deposit Bonus promotion.

The maximum bonus amount is 8,000 USD.

Whet happens when you make a fund withdrawal?

When you make a withdrawal of fund from the account with bonus, it will result in a reduction of the Bonus on 1:1 basis.

For example, if you deposit 250 USD into your approved Bonus Account, you will receive a 100% Supercharge Bonus Credit of 250 USD. If you then withdraws 100 USD, the same amount will be removed from the Bonus received.

For more information about the promotions and rules, please visit HotForex Official Website.