The grade/level of HotForex Loyalty Program depends on the days of active trading period.

The amount of deposit or trading volume won’t affect the grade.

The upgrading process will be made automatically after the active trading period exceeds the followings:

Loyalty Level To Achieve Level
Red Register and be qualified
Silver 31 active trading days
Gold 62 active trading days
Platinum 105 active trading days

An active trading day is a calendar day during which the Client has opened and/or closed a trade.

Deposit/withdrawal transactions do not count towards the active trading day status.

Demotion/downgrade condition

If there is a period of inactivity of 30 days or more, you will be demoted.

In the event of demotion, you will immediately be reverted to the lowest loyalty level and his/her loyalty balance will be set to zero.

An inactive trading day is defined as a calendar day during which the Client has not opened or closed a trade.

You can view your active and inactive trading days by logging into myHF area from the Official Website.