All your Personal Funds (equity excluding bonuses) in the account signed up for OctaFX Supercharged MT4 and MT5 trading contest are considered an initial deposit at the beginning of the round.

To start participating in the contest, your initial deposit should be 50 USD (or its equivalent in EUR) or more.

You can receive bonus on your contest trading account, but please note that it has no impact on your stats.
Will new deposits affect the Gain, if a trader makes them in the course of the contest?

No, they won’t.

Whenever you make a new deposit to the Contest Account, OctaFX fix the Gain that has already been made within this account before the deposit (Gain 1) and then start to calculate the Gain after the deposit (Gain 2) until the end of the contest round or another deposit is made.

Therefore your Gain volume will not be affected by new deposits.

OctaFX Supercharged 2 Real Contest details

Withdrawal Conditions

You can withdraw money from your contest account at any time. However, if your Personal Funds (equity excluding bonuses) drop below 50 USD after a withdrawal, the account will not qualify for the next contest rounds.

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