What is Tradeview’s FIX API?

Get the source code for several of the products of Tradeview’s Trading platform.

The Tradeview API is scalable and robust, it is the best choice for Traders or Developers looking to integrate their transactions or create their own applications for Trading.

The Application Programming Interface (API) is the source code for many of Tradeview’s trading platform products. It is widely used for any software development, but in the financial industry, it is used to increase and keep company services available. A customer may not want to use the platforms Tradeview offers, so they offer this source code for programmers who want their software on ours. As other platforms work through Tradeview’s API, all transactions will come to Tradeview Forex for compensation while you retain the functionality of your favorite platform.

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Who can use Tradeview’s API?

Corporations, brokers, hedge funds, and money managers require real-time, always-on trading capabilities.

Companies that want to integrate trading into their treasury systems.

Brokers who wish to hedge the foreign exchange risk in their equity positions.

Clients who want to create custom user interfaces with the Tradeview Forex Trading System.

Retail clients who want to create their own trading models.

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How can I get Tradeview’s API?

Tradeview Forex can start right away by developing your own API.

It’s very easy, just request an application form with your preferred API model.

APIs are available for MetaTrader 4 and Currenex.

When the application is returned we will send the source code and login details so you can start coding right away.

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Developer support and assistance by Tradeview

When coding an API, it’s easy to get confused and make mistakes that you can’t fix. Tradeview Forex is dedicated to helping you resolve those kinds of issues and connecting you with the right person to get the right results.

When you have received the details to code, you will be connected directly with the platform developers through a ticket system to help you resolve any issues.

The ticket system has a knowledge base, discussion forum, and a user manual – which will give you the tools you need to develop your API properly.

Find out more about Tradeview’s FIX API

Why you should choose Tradeview?

1. Types of Trading Orders

The dealing platform provides sophisticated order entry and tracking.

Orders can be entered at any rate – inside or outside the existing spread – using the following order types:

Market Orders:
An order based on the current market price.
Limit orders:
An order with restrictions on the maximum price that can be paid or the minimum price that is received.
Stop Loss Orders:
Through this type of order, an open position is automatically liquidated at a specific price. It is often used to minimize losses if the market moves against an investor’s position.

In normal markets, any stop in sales will be covered by the dealer’s bid, and any stop in purchases will be covered by the dealer’s bid. In the “gaps” of the market when there are drastic rises or falls, the highs will be covered with the best available price.

2. Internet trading

Executing an agreement over the internet is a simple two-step process.

Simply enter the number of currencies you want to buy or sell and click on bid (sell) or on bid (buy) for the currency pair with which you want to trade. Your deal runs automatically. The software automatically calculates the required initial margin based on the face amount of the trade, and if there are sufficient funds in your account, the trade is accepted.

Offers are confirmed online, usually within one-sixth of a second, and the system instantly updates your open position and calculates your current floating P&L.

3. Renovation of a night position

Renewal is the simultaneous closing of a position with the value of the current date

(usually at the end of a trading day) and the opening of the same position with the value of the following day at a price that reflects the interest rate differential of the two currencies.

For example, on Wednesday all positions that are renewed on Thursday night would have the value of the following Monday.

To take into account the two days of interest for the weekend when banks are closed and the actual delivery cannot be made, Tradeview Forex will credit or charge 3 times the value of interest for positions renewed on Wednesdays, according to the rule of the industry.

4. Telephone trading

Get your phone deal.

  1. Call the trading desk to speak to the dealer;
  2. Say your name, account number, username, and password
  3. Ask for a price in the desired currency pair, indicating the amount you want to trade;
  4. After executing the agreement, the dealer will confirm the details of the agreement with you;
  5. If correct, confirm with the dealer and hang up.

Once the transaction is completed by phone, you can also check that it has been correctly placed in your account on the online trading platform.

5. Trading report

Trading software tracks all trading activities in real-time.

allowing clients to view current open positions, real-time profit and loss, margin availability, account balances and all transaction history directly on the screen.

6. Account statements

Account statements can be accessed 24/7 through the reporting links.

7. Contract sizes

All contracts are measured in units of 1 of the base currency.

8. Tradeview trading minimal

The minimum transaction size is 1 lot, or one base currency unit.

An account with a deposit margin of 1% would open a position of € 1 and require an initial deposit margin of $ .01.

9. Price quotes

Through the online platform, customers can execute transactions directly from the streaming of the bid (offer) / ask (demand) quotes. Actual prices are continuously updated through Tradeview’s trading platform, traders can click on the current bid or ask price and execute a transaction on the fly.

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