What's the condition of easyMarkets PRO and VIP accounts? Table of Contents

Condition of easyMarkets Professional account

Are You Ready To Move To The Pros? Learn More About easyMarkets Professional Level Accounts.

Open a professional account on easyMarkets. An account prepared for highly demanding investors. Please check once if it can be opened.

At least two of these three requirements must be met.

  1. You must have a huge amount of transactions in the relevant market with an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the last 4 quarters and an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the last 4 quarters.
  2. The financial portfolio, including deposits, must exceed € 500,000.
  3. Work experience in a professional position that requires a minimum of one year of knowledge about transactions and services at a financial institution.

If you have enough experience and know how to trade without the use of additional risk management tools, see if you are eligible for a professional account.

Open easyMarkets Professional account

What you need to know before applying

There are a few things to consider before applying for a Professional Trader account. Setting up this account requires different requirements than a regular account.

No ICF protection
Professional traders (professional account owners) assume high risk and are not subject to the ICF.
Sophisticated communication
easyMarkets will provide a level of communication that is commensurate with advanced traders.
Professional traders are not fully protected by law.Product intervention

Cyprus National Product Intervention Measures (CyNPIM) and frameworks do not apply to professional customers. Therefore, customers are not subject to full legal protection regarding their trading experience. In addition, professional clients are not covered by the Investor Compensation Fund. Please see easyMarkets Customer Classification Policy for more details.

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Benefits of easyMarkets Professional Accounts

EasyMarkets Professional Accounts excludes certain products from protective interventions and offers you the following services:

The highest leverage available on any of easyMarkets accounts
Maximum leverage available on any of easyMarkets accounts.
Low Margin Requirements
Small margin requirement.
Tight Fixed Spreads
Industry’s narrowest fixed spread.
Zero Slippage
No slippage on easyMarkets web and app platforms.
Account Manager
Dedicated Analyst and Account Manager.
Get real-time market updates via SMS and newsletter.
Free and Guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit
Free Stop Loss Guarantee and Take Profit Guarantee.
Low Margin Requirements
Zero cut system adopted.
Client Accounts
Separate management of company operating funds and customer funds.

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Condition of easyMarkets VIP Account

VIP account customers have access to easyMarkets’ personalized benefits and an innovative trading environment. Access to tighter spreads and all real-time technical analysis tools

Experience easyMarkets VIP account
EasyMarkets VIP accounts take advantage of industry-leading trading tools, special customer treatment and the best environment that easyMarkets can offer.
Low deposit requirements
Becoming a VIP on easyMarkets is relatively easy and is available to virtually all easyMarkets customers.

To open a VIP account of easyMarkets, please fill out the registration form and legal form from easyMarkets Official Website.

You can upgrade at any time if you already have an easyMarkets account.

Open easyMarkets VIP account

Why should you be a VIP at easyMarkets?

Trading via telephone-Trading by phone-You can trade over the phone even if you don’t have access to the internet.

You can access even tighter spreads offered by easyMarkets.

Real-time market prices in the palm of your hand with easyMarkets mobile app!

Benefits of VIP are:

  • Fixed spreads from 0.9 pip – unlike market-adjusted spreads, which can lead to higher rates due to volatility.
  • Free Stop Loss Guarantee and Take Profit.
  • Create a truly bespoke trading experience with a variety of products and CFDs.
  • Trade with a proven company that has provided clients with access to the global market since 2001.

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Comparison of easyMarkets’ trading account types

The main differences of the account types available for easyMarkets are as follows:

Platform easyMarkets Web/App and TradingView MT4 MT5
Account Type VIP Premium Standard VIP Premium Standard Standard
Spread Type Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Variable (Floating)
Minimum Spread 0.8 pips 1.5 pips 1.8 pips 0.7 pips 1.2 pips 1.7 pips 0.6 pips
Required Minimum Deposit 10,000 USD 2,000 USD 25 USD 10,000 USD 2,000 USD 25 USD 25 USD
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Leverage 1:200 1:200 1:200 1:400 1:400 1:400 1:500
Trading Commission None None None None None None None
Account Fee None None None None None None None
Personal Account Manager Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
No Slippage Optional Optional Optional Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Guaranteed Stop Loss Optional Optional Optional Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
NBP (Negative Balance Protection) Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
Trading Central Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Available Available Available Available
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