Here is the step and conditions to earn Cash Back Bonus through HotForex’s Loyalty Program.

Join HotForex Loyalty Program

Open an account, verify your account, apply for the Loyalty Program and deposit at least 300 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies).

You can’t join the program with PAMM Master and Investor accounts, Demo accounts or Contest accounts.

HotForex Online Registration

Trade and earn HF Bars

The amount of HF Bars you can earn through this program depends on the grade you are on.

  • 6 HF Bars for Red Level
  • 8 HF Bars for Silver level
  • 10 HF Bars for Gold Level
  • 12 HF Bars for Platinum Level

For the upgrade condition of the Loyalty Program, please visit the page below.

HotForex Loyalty Program

Exchange HF Bars for Cash Back Bonus

After you accumulate HF Bars, you can exchange “35 HotForex Bars” for 1 USD.

The minimum number of HotForex Bars that can be converted to cash is 1000 bars.

This Cash Reward payment schedule and other reward requests will be completed within 4 business days from the date that the reward request was made.

Converted Cash Rewards will be credited to your primary myHF account in the myHF account’s base currency.

Cash Rewards can be traded or withdrawn.

Daily conversion will apply in case the myHF base currency is not USD.