Yadix’s Welcome Gift promotion gives away the latest series of gadgets.

In 2019 May, the available gifts are iPhone X, Galaxy S8+, MacBook Pro and PlayStation 4.

Yadix will continue to update the available gifts as there will be newer versions and gadgets available in the future.

For the specifications of each gadget and other details, please contact Yadix support team.

Yadix Official Website

In order to get a welcome gift, you must first make a deposit of more than 100 USD.

Then trade certain required volume within 90 days.

The required trading volume is different for each prize.

iPhone X Galaxy S8+ MacBook Pro PlayStation 4
120 lots 110 lots 160 lots 50 lots

Once you complete the volume requirement, you may request for the gift you want via email to Yadix support team.

While trading to earn a welcome gift, you must make sure that you follow the promotion rules.

For more information about the promotion, please visit the page below.

Yadix Welcome Gifts details