What is FXPro’s Trading Central?

The trading Central provides foreign exchange technical analysis.

FxPro cooperates with the trading Central to help customers make investment decisions more confidently, timely and wisely.

This dynamic product can be used on FXPro’s MT4/MT5 platform and has been meticulously improved since 1999 to provide you with the best support for finding, verifying, and timing transactions.

Trading Central is a consulting company engaged in the technical analysis of foreign exchange transactions.

With a history of 20 years, the company’s offices cover the world, with offices in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, China and Cyprus.

It monitors a large number of financial instruments in different categories, from currencies to stocks.

Traders spend a lot of time analyzing the market, making their predictions and formulating daily technical strategies.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is difficult for investors to try to grasp all current news and events, especially when trading multiple products at the same time.

A third-party analysis system can help investors solve this problem, but the premise is that the quality and reliability of the analysis system needs to fully obtain the trust of investors.

The trading Central can help FXPro’s traders.

In the past few years, the company has been a leader in the industry in providing reliable information on foreign exchange technical analysis to customers.

It provides opinions and analysis for many products by gathering information from different sources: from the chart mode and detection level to analyze the information of almost all indicators on the MT5/MT5 platform.

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How does Trading Central help you to earn more?

The system provides online foreign exchange technical analysis, analyzes support and resistance levels, and gives intraday and long-term forecasts.

The important point of market analysis is that it is automatically detected by the trading Central system.

Such a high-level forecast naturally requires a professional analyst team to complete.

The company’s experts use the most advanced technical analysis tools in the industry to collect all information comprehensively and in-depth.

Their decision is based on establishing price channels and resistance levels, digital and graphical indicators, and identifying candlestick patterns.

The forecast of the trading Central is more accurate because their analysts will continue to correct the information following the trend.

For example, if the technical analysis shows a trend of support and resistance bands, the entry point is usually confirmed during the correction period, that is, when the price falls and then returns to the upward trend.

Trading Central focuses on technical analysis, so traders have the opportunity to use in-depth graphical analysis and mathematical indicators to confirm key price levels, as well as special candlestick charts to confirm trend reversals or acceleration.

When using analysis data, remember that the green line on the trading Central chart indicates the resistance level; the red indicates the support level, and the blue line indicates other

Although the transaction Central was a paid service before, FxPro provides it for customers free of charge.

Immediately open a trading account in the FxPro Direct background and use all exclusive transaction analysis online.

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The main advantages of the trading Central

Main advantages of FXPro’s Trading Central are:

  • Due to the automatic level creation and trend detection mechanism, the daily burden of traders analyzing large amounts of data is reduced;
  • It solves a variety of trading tools that are difficult to manage manually and provides a variety of intraday trading views;
  • Provide long-term forecasts directly in the MT4/MT5 platform;
  • Have the opportunity to extract a point of view from several indicators simultaneously;
  • Automatic detection of Japanese candlesticks.

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