Is FXPro a safe and trusted online broker? Table of Contents

How FxPro protects your data

At FxPro, the primary task is to protect the security of customer data. FXPro has comprehensive security measures to protect your personal information, privacy, and financial security.

  • FXPro uses the highest level of data encryption on FXPro’s websites and apps.
  • A strong professional team monitors online payments at all times and is ready to deal with any emergencies or abnormal online payment issues.
  • FXPro takes all measures to protect the FxPro Direct backend, so you can safely transfer funds and other operations.
  • The password must have certain complexity and length requirements.
  • If you need to update your personal information/other personal data modification application, FXPro will confirm with you before the modification.
  • 2-step authentication option.
  • Automatic email confirmation, change your account password.
  • FXPro haves a data protection staff responsible for overseeing compliance with GDPR. FXPro will regularly accept audits by external agencies to check all the control measures FXPro takes to protect the system and data.

About how FXPro gets and use your details please refer to the data privacy agreement.

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What you should do to protect yourself

When it comes to online banking and transfer operations, you need to take precautions to prevent fraud or fraud.

Here, you can find guidance and tips to protect your information and funds, as well as online security.

1. Beware of online scams

Scam emails are fraudsters pretending to be a trustworthy company to obtain customer personal information. Do not click on any email links or attachments that you cannot recognize, and do not reply to unfamiliar text messages. Please be sure to verify their authenticity. Pay attention to those scammers who use similar email domains. Their emails look like official ones, but a closer look will reveal that such emails usually have spelling errors or improper formatting.

Voice network and number scams are other methods used to obtain sensitive data from victims, so be sure to confirm its authenticity, even if it comes from a number you recognize.

2. Safe Browsing

When using a browser to open a web page, check whether the URL has a security padlock icon in the https:// URL bar. Beware of website fraud. If a website is cloned, the method used to collect customer information is generally through fraudulent emails or pop-ups.

Please use a secure network and try not to use public Wifi, because public networks are more likely to be attacked by hackers. If you use a shared computer, please never save any login details, and clear the cache and cookies after each use.

3. Virus & Malware

Viruses and malware will send information to your device or change transfer information in an attempt to steal your information or funds. Please do not download files or programs from unknown sources.

Install anti-malware software on any device you may use and update it at any time. You should also make sure that you have the latest operating software updates on your device.

4. Don’t disclose your information!

Never share your account password or account information with others, and never write down any passwords or access codes. Please be wary of any contacts who ask you to provide account information or personal information.

FxPro and other well-known companies will never invite you to provide the above information. If this happens, you should be alert to fraud.

5. Don’t set it too simple

Sometimes just because the password is too simple or has not been changed for a long time, scammers can get in. Change your password frequently and use a combination of symbols, numbers, and uppercase and lowercase letters. Don’t use passwords that include last names, pet names, or nicknames, as these can be easily guessed by scammers. Use different passwords for different websites, and enable multiple authentications as much as possible.

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How to identify suspicious contacts posing as FxPro?

For clarity, we want to emphasize the followings:

  • It does not provide physical exchange or payment services related to cryptocurrency.
  • You will never be asked to provide passwords or other sensitive information.
  • You will never be required to make a fund transfer, and the transfer should only be done in the secure FxPro Direct background.
  • No investment or trading advice will be given.
  • Its service does not include asset management, nor does it guarantee return on investment.

Any of the above will be regarded as fraud.

If you receive any fake calls, emails, or text messages claiming to be FxPro, please do not answer or reply, and get in touch with FXPro immediately through the official contact information on FXPro’s Official Website.

If you encounter the following message, let FXPro know: If you notice account non-trade operations themselves, or suspect that a third party may have access to your account information.

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Official apps and contact information

FxPro has multiple official media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Telegram.

We remind you to beware of unauthorized contact information and do not disclose any personal data or sensitive account information on social media.

The official mobile application software can be downloaded in the Apple Store and Google Store, and other official trading software can be downloaded directly in FXPro’s download center.

Make sure you’re using the official application and software, if you are unsure about a certain application or whether from the official media channels, please official contact them from FXPro’s contact page to find official contacts.

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