Is FXPro a Market Maker, STP, ECN, or NDD broker? Table of Contents

With FXPro, all customer orders are executed anonymously through no dealing desk.

Most orders are executed within 14 milliseconds, and up to 2,400 orders are executed per second.

Benefit from execution without intervention

Deep liquidity
Receive deep liquidity and benefit from the best bid and ask prices among all quotations at the time of the transaction.
Award-winning foreign exchange merchant
The award is FxPro impeccable technical excellence, perfect trading conditions and highest level of service 2 focus.
Superfast execution
According to records, FxPro executes up to 19,997 orders per day, allowing you to benefit from ultra-fast order execution. Most orders are executed within 14 milliseconds.

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Completely transparent trading environment

Your transaction is executed in the Equinix data center in LD4, London.

FXPro’s transaction server is located at the same location as the Tier 1 bank and connected via optical fiber.

The traffic provided by the Tier 1 bank is passed through FXPro’s proprietary aggregator Quotix.

FxPro has always adhered to the concept of transparency, excellence, and innovation in the online trading industry.

To this end, the company has developed an award-winning order execution model to meet customer needs and provide the best online trading experience.

In the foreign exchange market, price changes can be calculated in milliseconds.

In 2020, 80.48% of market orders are executed at the requested price, and 9.6% of orders have a positive slippage, that is, the actual execution price of the order is better than the requested price.

In 2020, only 1.14 immediate orders received secondary quotations, of which 0.54% received positive secondary quotations.

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