After joining JustForex 100% Deposit Bonus promotion, you can still withdraw your own fund and profit made in the bonus account, at anytime you want without any requirements.

Withdrawal of your profit amount won’t cancel the bonus amount.

To remove the restrictions on the withdrawal of deposited funds, which participate in the promotion, the bonus should be canceled in the “Status” column on the “Received bonuses” page in the Back Office.

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How to withdraw the Bonus amount

JustForex’s 100% Deposit Bonus amount is available for withdrawal once you meet the requirement.

The requirement is “The total trading volume”, which is calculated as:

Number of Lots = Bonus amount / 4

for Mini, Standard accounts.

Upon the completion of the conditions of the present rules, it will be automatically transferred from the field “Credit” to the field “Balance” within 2 hours.

The maximum time to trade the required volume is 90 calendar days from the moment of depositing the trading account. After the lapse of the named period, in case the conditions are not fulfilled, the bonus will be canceled.

Trades that are not counted for the promotion

When trying to meet the volume requirement, you must note that the following orders are not considered in the calculation of traded volume:

  • Orders with the trading result which is less than 3 pips.
  • Orders closed before the account was deposited to participate in the bonus program.

There are many more rules that you must know before participating to the promotion.

For more information, please visit JustForex 100% Deposit Bonus Promotion page.