How to start trading Gold CFD with XTB?

With XTB, you can invest in Gold CFD through any account type and any trading platform.

To start trading Gold CFD with XTB, you just need to open a live trading account with XTB, make a deposit and log in to the platform you have chosen.

Along with Gold CFD, you can also trade various other financial markets through XTB’s trading accounts such as Forex currency pairs, Stocks, Stock Indices, and Commodities.

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Why choose CFDs on Gold?

Gold has long been a popular product with investors, and has earned the nickname of “safe haven.” Up to 27% of all Gold in circulation is used to invest in it as a financial instrument.

Furthermore, the price of Gold often tends to rise when other assets are affected by situations such as: when the economy deteriorates, when inflation rises or when geopolitical tensions are unsustainable.

Most importantly, you do not need to buy physical gold bars or coins to benefit from investing in Gold.

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Did you know that 27% of all gold is an investment?

Most of the trading in Gold is not in the physical metal but through derivative products.

Why? Because it is cheaper and operationally simple.

When you buy physical gold bars or coins, the transaction costs are very high (such as fees or spreads between the buy and sell prices).

You need to store and perhaps also insure this Gold and when you want to sell it, it usually requires, among others, the effort to find a counterpart.

With CFDs on Gold, transaction costs are low and allow investment entries and exits at any time using the Trading Platform.

The CFD on gold has two main advantages over physical gold: much lower transaction cost, and high liquidity.

The CFD on Gold also has an additional feature: leverage.

You only have to deposit 5% of the value of the contract.

For example, 1 lot of CFDs on Gold is equivalent to 100 ounces, so at a price – say – $ 1,300, the value of the contract will be $ 130,000, but you will only need to deposit $ 6,500.

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