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What is easyMarkets?

easyMarkets was created with the idea of ​​making transactions popular. In 2001, when easyMarkets was founded, the only way to trade was through the “trading room” by wealthy individuals and institutional investors. We couldn’t even start trading without more than tens of thousands of dollars. easyMarkets’ aim was to give everyone who wants to make deals access to the market.

easyMarkets ultimately changed the online trading industry, which at the time offered only Forex. In 2001, easyMarkets initially made a margin of only $ 25, which allowed easyMarkets to deposit online using a credit card instead of the time-consuming interbank transaction. easyMarkets’ customers have helped easyMarkets grow by using it repeatedly. Over time, easyMarkets has grown further by including global stock indexes, energy, metals, and more in easyMarkets’ CFDs. In 2016, the company name was changed from easy-forex to easyMarkets.

easyMarkets has made the trading systems popular and easy to access, but easyMarkets always has more to offer.

For the first time, easyMarkets offers a genuine online trading platform that will not lose more than your investment.

easyMarkets continues to evolve and offer valuable trading tools and trading environments such as free and guaranteed stop loss, inside viewers, freeze rates, and still the most innovative “Deal Cancellation”.

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3 Main Values of easyMarkets

easyMarkets has tried to keep the trading process as simple as possible. As one of the pioneers of online trading, easyMarkets’ platform has been developed to be as user-friendly as possible, yet powerful and versatile enough for experienced investors.
easyMarkets never changes trading terms as market volatility increases or decreases. The fact that spreads are fixed and there is no slippage on easyMarkets’ trading platform means that the cost is known at the time of trading. easyMarkets complies with CySEC rules in Europe and ASIC rules in the Asia Pacific region.
easyMarkets is proud to be a market maker with transparency. easyMarkets will never be unable to trade in the face of significant economic events, even with high market volatility. For example, pegs release of the Swiss franc, referendum results announcement of Buregujitto, Trump said of President-elect it seems, or the insane were similar with respect to the movement of the virtual currency.

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What you can trade with easyMarkets?

easyMarkets offers multiple ways to trade in multiple markets such as energy, commodities, major currency pairs, and the world’s most popular indexes. Choose the product that best fits your strategy and protect yourself with easyMarkets’ exclusive, robust integrated risk management tools.

easyMarkets offers over 200 CFD markets.

Diverse and immediate transactions without the need to hold underlying assets.
You can choose major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. You can trade in over 95 pairs.
You can trade cryptocurrencies using all risk management tools provided by easyMarkets.
Precious Metal
You can trade both precious metals, including gold and copper, and industrial metals.
You have access to both energy and agricultural CFD products.
Stock Index
You can trade the most active indexes in the world such as the S & P 500 and Nikkei 225.

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How can you trade on easyMarkets?

Since 2001, easyMarkets has endeavored to experience the industry’s most user-friendly system. easyMarkets is one of the first brokers to offer credit card deposit methods and are a pioneer in online transactions. Currently, easyMarkets offers an innovative and wide range of trading methods for trading in various markets:

easyMarkets’ most innovative product. Risk is fixed and limited at the time of transaction. The spread is zero and no additional margin is incurred.
An option is one of the various trading methods and is the financial product that is the basis of innovative easyTrade.
Forward Transaction
You can fix the future price of currency pairs and other commodities based on the current price. Useful as a tool for hedging.

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Trading Platforms and Tools of easyMarkets

easyMarkets is constantly researching and developing to give you the best trading experience. This includes multiple ways to access CFDs, options, forward contracts and the innovative easyTrade.

EasyMarkets’ most innovative trading product. With easyTrade, you can trade without margin requirements or spreads, and you can set and understand risks in advance. You can also use easyTrade to execute a transaction in 3 simple steps. Choose the amount of risk you are comfortable with, the trading hours, and whether the rate will rise or fall in the future.

Benefits of easyTrade are:

  • There are no margin requirements and no stop loss. You don’t have to worry about closing your position with a margin stop out. Another reason why stop loss is not required is that the risk can be set and locked in advance.
  • This is a completely new trading method. You can open a position for a specific period in just 3 steps.
  • It is also an excellent hedging tool when volatility increases at the time of market opening or scheduled policy announcements such as NFP.
  • You can close it at any time before easyTrade expires.

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4 main ways to trade CFDs on easyMarkets

With easyMarkets CFDs, you may benefit from both rising and falling commodities you are trading. Another advantage of CFD is its speed. You can easily open and close positions as opportunities come and risks increase. You can also take advantage of easyMarkets’ unique trading and risk management tools.

Benefits of CFD are:

  • Manage your risk with powerful tools.
  • There is a chance to make a profit whether the product price rises or falls.
  • You can quickly open and close transactions according to market conditions.
  • You can trade CFDs such as currencies, energy, soft commodities, metals, cryptocurrencies, and stock indexes.

With easyMarkets, you can trade multiple CFDs using multiple methods:

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1. Day trading

It is one of the most popular methods using easyMarkets. There are also powerful analytical and risk management tools available:

Pay a fee and you can cancel a lost transaction within an hour.
Free Stop Loss and Take Profit Auto
Protect yourself from unexpected movements.
Freeze Rate
You can temporarily suspend the current price of an order at a favorable rate.
Inside Viewer
You can see the buying and selling trends of the products you are paying attention to.

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2. Future Limit Order

With future limit orders, you can have a position at the desired level. This order format is automatically traded and a robust hedge when volatility is high.

Free Auto Stop Loss and Take Profit
Protect yourself from unexpected movements.
Set a price to start trading and help optimize your investment strategy.
Is it going up or down?
Both have a chance to make a profit.

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3. Option

With this financial instrument, you have the opportunity to earn unlimited profits while limiting your risk. Vanilla options are also the underlying technology of the innovative easyTrade. This type of product has several advantages:

  • Rolling charges remain unchanged.
  • No margin requirements.
  • No possibility of stop out.
  • Risk is configurable (premium) and cannot be exceeded.
  • You can close it at any time until the maturity date.

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4. Forward transaction

This unique trading method allows you to fix the price of an item at a future date. This order is commonly used as a hedge against future market movements.

  • Effective hedging against future market movements.
  • You can fix the price up to 30 days ahead based on the price of the day.

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Maximize your potential while limiting your risk.

What is easyTrade? For more information on easyTrade, see below.

Determine the maximum risk that can be tolerated in this transaction.
The expiration date for transactions
This is the expiration date of easyTrade. When this expiration date is reached, the position will be closed. You can close it at any time within the expiration date.
Revenue simulation
This convenient and easy-to-read graph shows changes in the price and revenue of the selected option.
Transaction volume converted to underlying assets
Shows the actual transaction value of the product for the option.
The current market price of this product.
Rise or fall
This is the last step! Once you’ve set the risk and price for easyTrade, decide whether the rate will go up or down in the future.
P & L target
If you use the profit and loss target, you can automatically settle the position at the target price. Use the easyMarkets web platform or download the iOS / Android app to try out the new features. Simply select an open position and click the “Edit” button to set your P & L target.

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Why use easyTrade?

The profit is infinite
The technology contained in easyTrade does not limit your potential. If the market moves in your favor, you can continue to make profits throughout the trading hours.
Risk is limited
One of the reasons easyMarkets devised and adopted easyTrade for a particular financial product is that easyMarkets can control maximum risk. This allows you to set the level of risk you can tolerate.
Reaction is quick, plan is accurate
Even if the latest news increases the volatility of the market, you can trade immediately with easyTrade.

Let’s set the “transaction time” in consideration of economic indicators such as NFP and economic events such as policy announcements of central banks such as FOMC & ECB.

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FAQ about easyTrade

Are you new to easyTrade and have some questions in your mind?

Here are some questions and answers for traders who are new to easyTrade.

Can easyTrade trade in the short term (hours to days)?
You can choose between 1/3/6 hours. You can trade in a longer time frame by using the vanilla option on the platform.
What currency is used for “risk”?
The base currency of your account will be used for risk claims.
What happens to my account if the trading time expires without closing the order?
If the market moves in favor, the current refund will be added to your net balance. If the market moves against you, the biggest possible loss will be the risk insurance you have already paid.
How big is the risk now?
The magnitude of the risk depends on the option price and the transaction amount. The volatility of your assets is also relevant.
What is the transaction volume converted back to the underlying asset?
The size of the order depends on the risk insurance, the trading time selected and the volatility at the moment the trading is opened.
What is the level at which the “risk” you paid will be returned?
When you reach the break-even point, the initial investment amount will be returned. There is no limit to the possible refunds if the rate moves beyond the break-even point.
When does the open interest make a profit?
The profit-making scenario is that profits begin when the market rate crosses the break-even point. If you cross the break-even point, you will be able to earn profits according to the movement of the asset rate in addition to the amount invested.
Can you hedge?
Hedges can be done as long as there is no malicious intent. Here Please check the client consent to click.
Is there a cost to use easyTrade?
Danger insurance that you will pay to open easyTrade.
What is the maximum possible loss?
The biggest loss is the amount you initially invested in a particular easyTrade order. No matter how unfavorable your pips are in the market, you won’t lose more than your risk insurance.
Why is easyTrade better than binary options?
Binary options are all or no options, but easyTrade will return your current refund. When trading binary options, the refund is set at 90% in advance, but in the case of easyTrade, there is no limit on the refund. In addition, easyTrade can be effectively used as a hedge, and it is not possible to close a transaction at any time before expiration with binary options.
When will the transaction close?
There are three reasons for closing: 1. The transaction expires when the maximum trading time selected (1/3/6 hours) is reached. 2. You can also close before the selected expiration time. or 3. Closed when fraudulent activity is detected. Here Please check the client consent to click.
What is the minimum / maximum amount of risk a customer can take?
All currency pairs have a variety of risk claims to choose from. When entering risk claims, the system will display the range available for the selected currency pair.
When is the best time to take a position on easyTrade?
As with Forex trading, it is important to anticipate how the market will move. Market volatility can be added to allies by opening easyTrade. Use market movements to speculate on trends.

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Why choose easyMarkets?

easyMarkets is proud to offer CFDs to anyone interested in entering multiple markets around the world. easyMarkets’ sponsorship creates a beneficial relationship for both partners and easyMarkets. easyMarkets’ sponsorship partners are chosen because of the common values, the dedication to those who support easyMarkets, and the high level of integrity in what easyMarkets does.

The technological innovation that has continued since 2001
easyMarkets has been providing services since 2001. Since its inception, easyMarkets has been committed to providing the most innovative products, trading tools, and services.
Regulation and security
easyMarkets is regulated by CySEC, so easyMarkets can provide you with the security and peace of mind you need. It is also fully compliant with all ESMA regulations.
Transaction on smartphone
With easyMarkets’ innovative and intuitive app on your iOS or Android device, you can access and trade markets anytime, anywhere.

These awards are not just for easyMarkets, but for everyone who has been supporting easyMarkets since 2001. All the achievements easyMarkets has achieved are due to employees, clients and everyone who participated in this journey as partners.

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Comparison of easyMarkets’ trading account types

The main differences of the account types available for easyMarkets are as follows:

Platform easyMarkets Web/App and TradingView MT4 MT5
Account Type VIP Premium Standard VIP Premium Standard Standard
Spread Type Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Variable (Floating)
Minimum Spread 0.8 pips 1.5 pips 1.8 pips 0.7 pips 1.2 pips 1.7 pips 0.6 pips
Required Minimum Deposit 10,000 USD 2,000 USD 25 USD 10,000 USD 2,000 USD 25 USD 25 USD
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Leverage 1:200 1:200 1:200 1:400 1:400 1:400 1:500
Trading Commission None None None None None None None
Account Fee None None None None None None None
Personal Account Manager Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
No Slippage Optional Optional Optional Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Guaranteed Stop Loss Optional Optional Optional Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
NBP (Negative Balance Protection) Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
Trading Central Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Available Available Available Available
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