How to make a deposit to FXPro’s accounts/wallets?

FXPro accepts wire transfers, credit/debit cards, Neteller, Skrill and other methods of deposit and withdrawal, depending on your country.

The deposit will be automatically deposited into your FxPro wallet. You can transfer money between your FxPro wallet and your trading account at any time. Log in to your FxPro Direct, select the ‘deposit’ or ‘wallet’ and choose your preferred payment option.

FXPro provides EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, PLN, AUD and ZAR e-wallet base currencies. (Depending on your supervision)

  1. Use your email and password to log in to the FxPro Direct background.
  2. Click “e-wallet” and click the “deposit” button.
  3. You can choose a convenient payment method. For deposits and withdrawals, FxPro does not charge any handling fees.
  4. Select the payment method and amount, fill in the payment details and confirm the payment after filling in the information required on the page.
  5. After confirmation, the deposit amount will be displayed in the e-wallet account. If you deposit directly to the trading account, it will be displayed in the transfer history.
  6. You can now deposit funds to the trading account and start the trading journey.

The recommended minimum initial amount is USD 1,000. However, you can invest only $100 at a time.

Your FxPro Wallet e-wallet should be consistent with the currency of the deposit and withdrawal to avoid additional exchange rates. If FxPro Wallet and your trading account currency are inconsistent, the platform exchange rate conversion will be used.

In order to avoid potential exchange fees, your FxPro wallet is best to use the same currency as your deposit and withdrawal.

Make a deposit to FXPro’s account

Manage your funds through FXPro Wallet

FxPro Wallet is a personal risk management tool. It is a core account. You can transfer money to all your other trading accounts with just a few mouse clicks. Depositing deposits into your FxPro wallet instead of directly depositing money into your trading account, the main advantage is that your deposit funds are fully protected and not affected by any open positions that may exist in your trading account.

You can transfer funds between the FxPro Wallet e-wallet and the trading account in real time, log in to the FxPro Direct background and select “Transfer”.

Select the transfer-out account and transfer-in account and enter the transfer amount.

If your transaction account currency is inconsistent with Wallet e-wallet, a pop-up window with real-time exchange rates will appear.

As long as the trading account you are transferring does not have an open position.

If you hold a position on the weekend, you will not be able to transfer funds to your e-wallet before the market opens.

On weekends, the market closes on Friday (22:00 British time) and ends on Sunday’s open time (22:00 British time).

FxPro does not charge any handling fees for deposits and withdrawals, however, third-party payment companies may charge. Please note that if you apply for withdrawal without a transaction, a withdrawal fee may be charged.

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Currencies that FXPro accepts from investors

Customers of FxPro UK Ltd. can deposit wallets in the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF, JPY and PLN.

FxPro Financial Services Limited’s customer wallet supports currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF, JPY, PLN and ZAR. In addition, RUB deposits are also supported, but the funds deposited in RUB will be converted into the customer’s FxPro wallet (Vault) currency when received.

FxPro Global Marketing Co., Ltd. customer wallet supports currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, PLN, ZAR and JPY. In addition, RUB deposits are also supported, but the funds deposited in RUB will be converted into the customer’s FxPro wallet (Vault) currency when received.

FxPro Global Marketing (MENA) Co., Ltd. customer wallet supports currencies: USD, GBP and EUR. In addition, AED deposit is also supported, but the funds deposited in AED will be converted into the currency of the customer’s FxPro wallet (Vault) upon receipt.

Please note that if you transfer funds in a different currency in the FxPro wallet, the funds will be converted into the currency of your wallet using the exchange rate at the time of the transaction. Therefore, we recommend that you use the same currency as your deposit and withdrawal method to open a FxPro wallet.

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Bank wire transfer deposits to FXPro

For international wire transfer deposits, please allow 3-5 working days for the funds to reach your e-wallet. FxPro does not charge a wire transfer deposit fee, but the third type of intermediary bank may charge according to their fee structure.

British bank transfers in British pounds usually arrive on the same business day and there is no handling fee.

SEPA transfers usually arrive on the same working day and the fee is very low (usually a few Euros).

How to open an account with FXPro?

Using online wallets (eWallets) for deposits to FXPro

International bank transfer: about 3-5 working days, depending on your bank.

SEPA and local transfers usually arrive on the same day.

All other payment methods, about 10 minutes.

Click here for more information on the processing time of each payment method.

You can deposit funds to Wallet e-wallet or trading account.

Please note that all transfers are made through the Wallet e-wallet. If the currency of the e-wallet and the transaction account are different, the transfer will generate an exchange rate.

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Using Credit/Debit Cards to deposit funds to FXPro

FXPro accepts credit/debit cards, including Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro International and Maestro UK.

There are many reasons why your credit/debit card was declined. You may have exceeded the daily transaction limit, or exceeded the amount available on your credit/debit card. Or, you may have entered an incorrect card number, expiration date, or CVV code. Therefore, please verify that the above information is filled incorrectly, and also make sure that your card has not expired within the validity period. Finally, confirm with your card issuer that your credit card has been authorized for online transactions and that there is nothing to prevent FXPro from charging it.

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Is it safe to deposit funds to FXPro?

FxPro attaches great importance to the safety of customers’ funds. For this reason, all customer funds are completely isolated from the company’s own funds and deposited in the bank accounts of major European banks. This ensures that client funds cannot be used for any other purpose.

In addition, FxPro UK Limited is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), while FxPro Financial Services Limited is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

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FXPro supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection)

Regardless of the customer’s account type or supervision, FxPro provides negative balance protection (NBP) for all customers to ensure that your loss will not exceed the total deposit.

For more details, please check FXPro’s “Order Execution Policy”.

FxPro also provides a liquidation level, when a certain margin ratio is reached, the position will be closed. The level of liquidation depends on the account type and the supervision of the account.

What is NBP of Forex and how does it work?

How to withdraw funds from FXPros accounts/wallets?

Log in to your FxPro Direct background and choose ‘the gold’ or ‘electronic purse’.

Please note that you need to transfer funds to the FxPro Wallet e-wallet before you can withdraw funds.

Please note that the method of withdrawal must be consistent with the method of deposit. After all the principal has been withdrawn or the refund date has expired, you can use wire transfer or previous deposits to withdraw your profits.

The withdrawal application is processed by FXPro’s client’s financial department within one working day. However, the time required for the transfer will vary depending on your payment method.

International bank wire transfers may take 3 to 5 working days.

It can take up to 2 working days for SEPA and local bank transfers.

Bank card withdrawals may take 5 to 7 working days. Withdrawals from other payment methods can usually be received within 1 working day.

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Withdrawing funds via bank transfer from FXPro

Log in to your FxPro Direct, select “Withdraw” or “Wallet”, and select the bank wire transfer method. Please keep in mind that FXPro may need a bank statement to prove that you are a bank account holder.

Please note that if you want to withdraw money by bank wire transfer, please make it through credit card, PayPal and Skrill in the past 6 months. All deposits are withdrawn.

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In case your bank or card doesn’t exist anymore

After the card is cancelled, the bank is obliged to allow limited types of transactions, including refunds, usually for a period of at least 6 months. Therefore, even if this card has been cancelled, you should be able to withdraw money to the card you used to deposit. You will receive these funds through a new bank card that is linked to the same bank account of the old card (the cancelled card).

If the bank account associated with this card has been completely closed, you need to send proof of account closure to FXPro’s financial department.

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Processing Time for fund withdrawals from FXPro

During normal working hours, withdrawals are usually processed within a few hours. If a withdrawal request is received outside of working hours, it will be processed on the next working day.

Please note that although bank card deposits are processed instantly, this does not mean that funds have been received in FXPro’s bank account, as bank settlement usually takes several days. However, FXPro immediately deposits funds for you so that you can immediately trade and protect open positions. Unlike deposits, the withdrawal process takes longer.

FXPro’s principle is that the principal of bank card deposits within six months must be withdrawn from the same bank card, and the principal of PayPal deposits within six months must also be withdrawn by PayPal. Similarly, within six months The principal of Skril deposit must also be withdrawn with Skrill first. After the above principle has been withdrawn, you can withdraw funds by wire transfer or other previously used methods. (Precondition that your account can receive money.)

If you have submitted a withdrawal request by bank transfer, but have not received the payment within 5 working days, please contact FXPro’s customer finance department, and FXPro will provide you with a remittance note single. If you make a withdrawal request with a credit/debit card, but still have not received the payment within 10 working days, please contact FXPro’s company’s customer finance department at the email address acco[email protected] and FXPro will provide you with the ARN number.

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Exchange rates FXPro uses for currency conversions

FxPro customers can enjoy some of the most competitive exchange rates on the market.

Deposits from external sources (ie, deposits from your credit card to the FxPro wallet in another currency), and withdrawals to external resources (ie, withdrawals from your FxPro wallet to the credit card in another currency), the funds will be Exchange at the bank exchange rate of the day.

As for transferring funds from your FxPro wallet to your trading account in another currency, or the reverse operation, the conversion will be performed according to the exchange rate displayed on the pop-up screen when you click Confirm.

How to open FXPro’s trading account?