After logging in to your account management center, click “Deposit”-select “Local Transfer”-click “China UnionPay Transfer”-fill in the account number, deposit amount and UnionPay cardholder name-click “Submit”.

and you will be redirected to On the following page, please fill in the name of your real payer, and then click Next.

The payment information page will pop up.

Follow the prompts to complete the deposit through your mobile banking/online internet banking.

Please note that you may be asked for your membership number during the deposit period.

Please enter your trading account number as your membership number.

If you have successfully deposited but failed to arrive or cannot deposit, please contact online customer service or send an email to [email protected] and provide the following transaction information to assist in inquiries:

  1. MT4/MT5 transaction account
  2. Screenshot (including receipt (Payer’s information, amount, deduction time) / Screenshot of the error message that cannot be deposited
  3. Description

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