How to deposit and withdraw funds to/from OctaFX accounts? Table of Contents

How to make a deposit to OctaFX’s live account?

Here, you can find all available funding methods.

To make a deposit, please log in to your personal area, switch to the account you want to deposit at the top of the page and select the payment system you want to use in the Deposit to My Account section on the right.

Then enter the amount you want to deposit and click “Continue”.

If necessary, please fill in other information and click “Confirm”.

Bank wire transfer:
All applications are processed within 1-3 hours of the working hours of the financial department.
Skrill/Neteller/FasaPay/bank card/bitcoin deposit:

In accordance with international regulations and standards, OctaFX uses a separate account to keep customers’ funds separate from the company’s balance sheet. This keeps your funds safe and will not be used passively.

OctaFX does not charge any to customers. Moreover, the deposit and withdrawal fees implemented by third parties (such as Skrill, Neteller, etc.) are also borne by OctaFX. However, please note that in some cases, partial charges may be implemented.

OctaFX does not limit the amount of money withdrawn and deposited into your account. There are no restrictions on the amount of deposits, and the amount of withdrawals should not exceed the available margin.

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Exchange rate of deposited funds to OctaFX

OctaFX currently accepts deposits in all currencies converted into Euros and U.S. dollars. Note that the account currency cannot be exchanged for currencies other than US dollars and Euros. If your account is in Euro, you can open a new U.S. dollar account at any time, and vice versa. Please note that OctaFX does not charge any handling fees for deposits and withdrawals, and OctaFX’s exchange rate is one of the most favorable exchange rates in the industry.

OctaFX does everything possible to ensure that customers will receive the best exchange rate when depositing funds. And OctaFX does not charge any commissions and bear the deposit and withdrawal costs of the payment system implementation. When depositing funds via Visa or Mastercard, please note that if you deposit funds in a currency other than Euro or U.S. dollars, participating banks will exchange your funds at their exchange rates. Please note that participating banks will also charge additional fees for the transaction. If customers use Skrill to deposit funds, if their Skrill account and trading account are both U.S. dollar accounts, the customer will have no additional fees. If the customer’s Skrill account is a U.S. dollar account, but their trading account is a Euro account, the U.S. dollar deposit will be converted into Euros at the foreign exchange rate. If the customer’s Skrill account uses a currency other than USD, Skrill will convert the funds into USD at its own exchange rate and will charge additional fees. The procedure for depositing funds with Neteller is the same as that of Skrill.

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Condition of Fund Withdrawals

All applications are processed within 1-3 hours of the working hours of the financial department, otherwise, the applications will be processed on the next working day. After your application is processed, you will receive an email notification immediately.

If you have created an order/open a position, you can submit a withdrawal application. Please note that the available margin must be higher than the amount you requested to withdraw, otherwise this application will be rejected. If your funds are insufficient, the application will not be processed.

To request fund withdrawals, please log in to your personal area, switch to the account you want to withdraw funds, and click to apply for withdrawal under the “Withdrawal” section on the right. Enter the amount you want to apply for and other required information. Click “Apply”, then check whether the information is correct, and then click the “Confirm” button below. Please note that the margin you can use must exceed the withdrawal amount, otherwise OctaFX’s financial department will not be able to process your application. It is especially important to maintain a free margin when you have open positions.

If your withdrawal request is rejected, it may be that your account does not have enough free margin to process your withdrawal, or some data is incorrect. You can check the specific reason in the notification letter sent to you via email.

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Internal Fund Transfer between accounts

You can initiate an internal transfer request in your personal area.

  1. Press ≡ to view the menu on the right.
  2. Check the internal transfer plate.
  3. Select the account you want to transfer funds to.
  4. Enter the amount.
  5. Choose your destination account.
  6. Enter your OctaFX PIN code.
  7. Submit the request below.
  8. Finally, check that everything is correct and confirm your request.

International transfers are processed automatically unless manual processing by the Finance Department is required for security reasons. In this case, your application will be processed within 1-3 hours of the office hours of the financial department.

There are no fees for internal transfers. If you transfer money from a U.S. dollar account to a Euro account, it will be exchanged at the current market price and vice versa.

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With OctaFX, you can choose from MT4, MT5, cTrader trading platforms to invest online.

Go to OctaFX’s Official Website and find out more about features of each trading platform.

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Comparison of OctaFX’s trading account types

OctaFX mainly offers MT4 and MT5 trading account types.

See the table below to know the difference between these trading account types

Account Type OctaFX MT5 OctaFX MT4
Spread Type Floating Floating
Minimum Spread 0.6 pips 0.6 pips
Trading Commission None None
Minimum Deposit 100 USD 100 USD
Available Markets 35 currency pairs + gold and silver
+ 3 energies + 10 indices + 30 cryptocurrencies
35 currency pairs + gold and silver
+ 3 energies + 4 indices + 30 cryptocurrencies
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Trading Volume 500 lots 200 lots
Execution Model Market Execution Market Execution
Execution Speed Less Than 0.1 seconds Less Than 0.1 seconds
Account Currency USD and EUR USD and EUR
Margin Call Level 25% 25%
Stop Out Level 15% 15%
Hedging Strategy Allowed Allowed
Scalping Strategy Allowed Allowed
Use of EAs Allowed Allowed
Swap Points None None
Cryptocurrency Trading Available Available
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