The FBS’s loyalty points that you can earn is different depending on the level you are in.

The table below shows the number of Loyalty Points you can earn for 1 standard lot of trade.

Green Silver Gold Platinum
0.5 0.6 0.6 0.8

The Loyalty Points you can earn will be calculated according to the below formula:

Number of traded lots * Loyalty status coefficient

For example, one of their prizes is “Samsung Tab S3 32GB” requires 250 loyalty points.

If you are on the Green Level, you can get the “Samsung Tab S3 32GB” by trading 500 standard lots.

If you are on the Platinum Level, only 312.5 lots is required to get the latest smart phone.

The promotion doesn’t cost you anything. If you continue trading with FBS, the prizes are not so far to reach out for anyone.

FBS Official Website

Upgrade your account to earn more points

Every trader starts in FBS Loyalty Program from the “Green Level”.

To earn more points for each trade, you need to:

  • earn certain amount of loyalty points
  • deposit certain amount

There are rules that you must know about the FBS Loyalty Program.

For more information, please visit the page below.

FBS Loyalty Program details