LMFX’s 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus is available or all traders of the broker.

The promotion works as follows.

1. Open an account and make a deposit

Go to LMFX Online Registration page and open a real/live trading account with LMFX.

Then make a deposit to your account with any method you like.

This first deposit amount will decide the bonus amount you will get later on.

At this stage, you don’t get a bonus yet.

2. Trade and your account reach Stop Out

You may start trading and if the market prices don’t move in your favor, your account can reach “Stop Out” percentage, which all open positions will be closed in order to avoid any further losses.

At this point, you have already lost all or most of the fund of the first deposit amount.

3. Deposit again and you will get the Bonus

Now you make a deposit again into the account, the phoenix bonus will be activated finally.

15% of the first deposit amount (which you have already lost when traded earlier) will be credited into your account.

The bonus fund you get is available for withdrawal and can also be used for further trading.

If you are confused with the mechanism of the promotion, contact LMFX support team from the official website.

LMFX Official Website