LQDFX doesn’t have Cash Back promotions, but they offer 100% Deposit Bonus which is very similar to a cash back promotion.

LQDFX’s 100% Deposit Bonus can be applied to any account types, up to 20,000 USD or EUR.

Once you participate to the promotion through LQDFX’s client portal, there will be the bonus amount pending to your accounts.

The bonus won’t be credited into your account until you meet the volume requirement.

The required trading volume for the bonus to be credited into your account is calculated as follows:

Bonus amount / 5 = The required trading lots (standard lot)

Once you complete the requirement, the bonus will be credited into your account.

For more information about the promotion, please visit the page below.

LQDFX 100% Deposit Bonus

Promotion works as follows:

  1. Open an account and Deposit
  2. Trade certain amount
  3. Get the bonus to your account

The bonus amount depends on the deposit amount you make, and is available for withdrawal at anytime.

To receive the bonus to your MT4 account, go to the page below and open a live/real account.

LQDFX Online Registration