For Tickmill’s 30 USD No Deposit Bonus account, there are mainly 3 trading strategies that are not allowed to perform.

1. Use of Trading Robots

Use of Expert Advisers (EAs) are not allowed on $30 Welcome Accounts.

The 30 USD Bonus is offered so new traders of Tickmill can experience the trading conditions on their MT4 (MetaTrader4) before making a deposit.

You can only trade manually in the Bonus account.

2. Hedging

Hedging trading positions internally (using other trading accounts held with Tickmill) or externally (using other trading accounts held with other brokers) and thus avoiding market risk, is considered to be an abuse and not allowed.

The trading strategy is also known as ‘Arbitrage’ and it is a restricted trading strategy by many online FX & CFD brokers.

3. Arbitrage

Using the failures in the quote flow for getting guaranteed profit or any other form of fraudulent activities are considered to be an abuse and not allowed.

The bonus is offered as a trial on Tickmill MT4. Please trade in a good faith and experience their trading conditions.

For the full Terms and Conditions of the promotion, please visit Tickmill $30 No Deposit Bonus Promotion page.

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