How to get Free VPS and EAs (Expert Advisers) for MT4 platform

Here we will explain why we can assure you that FBS is a complete STP broker and the broker does not act as a Market Maker(OTC model).

Trading Conditions of FBS’s MT4 and MT5

First see the trading condition of FBS below.

The below table summarizes FBS’s all trading account types and shows the comparison of trading conditions.

Cent Micro Standard Zero Spread Unlimited
Initial Deposit $1 $5 $100 $500 $500
 Spread 1 pip 3 pip 1 pip 0 pip 0.2 pip
 Trading Commissions None None None $20/1 lot None
 Spread Type Variable Fixed Variable Fixed Variable
 Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:2000




1:2000 1:500
 Minimum Position Size 0.01 lot 0.01 lot 0.01 lot 0.01 lot 0.1 lot
 Trading Platform MT4 MT4 MT4 MT4 MT4
 Margin Call 40% 40% 40% 40% 40%
 Stop Out 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
 Maximum Number of Positions 50 100 100 100 Unlimited
 Order Volume(lots) 0.01 – 100 0.01 – 500 0.01 – 500 0.01 – 500 0.1 – 500
 Execution Speed 0.3 sec 0.3 sec 0.3 sec 0.3 sec Momentary
100% deposit bonus
Note that the above conditions may not apply for traders in certain countries.

With FBS, you can also open multiple trading accounts to try multiple account types’ trading conditions.

FBS’s each account type offers different advantage for investors.

You may choose the account type which suits your trading style.

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For more information about FBS’s trading account types and comparison, visit the page here.

Forex Leverage up to 1:3000

FBS offers the extraordinary Forex leverage up to 1:3000.

The average Forex leverage available in the industry is normally around 1:300 to 1:500.

The leverage 1:3000 is provided by FBS and only a few other brokers in the world.

With FBS’s 1:3000 leverage, you can dynamically increase the trading volume by 3000 times.

You can use this high leverage to generate great amount of profits by following the market trends.

You must also note that when you trade with such a high leverage, you will also be increasing the risks of losing more amounts.

Leverage can work against at anytime, it is important that you maintain enough margin to support your trading at anytime.

With FBS, you could lose up to the total deposit amount but no more.

As NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is supported, all exceeded losses will be covered by FBS.

This NBP is applicable for all live trading accounts of FBS.

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Variable and Fixed Spread

With various account types, FBS also offers both variable and fixed spread types.

If you prefer volatile spread which changes every second to aim the opportunities of low spread, then you may choose the variable spread account type.

FBS’s variable (floating) spread account type offers you tighter spread, but the spread can be widen and tighten at anytime.

FBS will try to offer the minimal spread with floating spread account type.

If you prefer the fixed trading cost with clear trading planning, then you may choose FBS’s fixed spread.

FBS’s fixed spread stays the same at most of the times and there is no additional costs.

With FBS’s fixed spread, you can plan your trading with clear trading cost.

The fixed spread is also often suited for traders with Expert Advisers (EAs).

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Spread from 0.0 pips

The minimum Forex spread of FBS is 0.0 pips.

On some trading account types, you can trade with 0.0 pips spread where the bid and ask market prices are at the same level.

Such tight Forex spread is suited especially for traders with scalping strategy.

Note that the condition of spread is different on each account type of FBS.

Before start trading, make sure that you know the spread condition and the trading cost involved for each financial instrument.

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MT4 and MT5 trading platforms

FBS used to offer only MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platform, but has also adopted MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platform.

Now traders of FBS can use 2 of the most popular trading platforms in the world.

MT4 remains the all-time most popular trading platform in the world, and there are many custom indicators and EAs (Expert Advisers) available in the market.

MT5 on the other hand, inherited all the features of MT4 and has adopted many advanced trading options and tools.

FBS MT5 basically offers traders with more possibilities such as more order types, chart types, time-frames, indicators and server options.

MT4 and MT5 look the same visually, but MT5 is more advanced in many aspects.

In case you have custom indicators or EAs (Expert Advisers) built with MQL4 language, then you cannot run them on MT5 trading platform as MT5 uses MQL5 language.

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Over 100 financial markets

With FBS, you can invest in various financial markets.

The available asset classes are Forex, Stocks, Stock Indices, Energies and Precious Metals.

To monitor different financial market and invest, you do not need to open multiple accounts but you can invest in all financial markets on one trading account.

Note that some trading account types of FBS do not offer certain financial markets for trading. You can find out which markets are available on which account type in FBS Official Website.

On MT4 and MT5, FBS has included all the major and popular financial markets for trading.

And FBS is a Forex and CFD broker, and you can trade for both directions, as in you can place both buy and sell orders to make profit from either rising or falling market prices.

On FBS’s live trading account, you have literally countless trading opportunity.

Go to FBS Official Website to find out what financial markets are available for trading on MT4 and MT5.

Each asset class and instrument has unique characteristic and price trend.

Start monitoring and analyzing the markets on FBS MT4 and MT5, and invest smartly today.

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0.3 seconds order execution

FBS’s in-house ECN technology bridges traders and the markets directly.

On both FBS MT4 and MT5, all orders are executed within 0.3 seconds.

Note that the speed of order execution can depend on the location, internet connection quality and processing speed of your computer or device. 0.3 seconds is only indicative in this case.

All orders are executed instantly and there is no delay.

Through FBS MT4 and MT5, you will get real-time market price feeds and you only need to one-click to place an order.

You can log in to FBS MT4 and MT5 on Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone and also iPad, thus you can monitor the markets and manage accounts constantly at anytime and anywhere.

With FBS, you are with the markets anywhere and connected in real-time.

Do you want to know how fast the order execution is on FBS MT4 and MT5?

Open a live trading account today and try FBS’s real trading environment.

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Up to 500 lots per order

FBS’s ECN technology has achieved to offer traders deep liquidity.

On FBS MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, all financial markets are provided with full deep liquidity, so you can minimize the risk of slippage and order rejection.

In fact, FBS accepts the maximum trading volume of 500 standard lots which is worth 50,000,000 units.

With FBS, you can trade from 0.01 lots to 500 lots.

FBS also offers cent account which allows you to trade with 100 times smaller trading volume than usual.

With FBS, you can manage your orders flexibly by fluctuating the order volume as you like.

Note that placing an order to larger volume will increase the possibility of slippage, re-quotes and order rejection.

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1 USD Minimum Deposit

With FBS, you can start trading from only $1 of minimum deposit amount.

By using FBS’s MT4 and MT5 trading accounts with high leverage, you do not need to deposit large amount to start trading Forex and CFDs anymore.

With FBS, you can literally start trading from only $1 of minimum deposit amount.

Note that lower account balance has higher possibility of reaching the stop out level (liquidation level) which closes all open positions in your trading account. You are recommended to maintain enough margin in your trading account to support your positions at anytime.

If you are new to the Forex, then you can also get $100 No Deposit Bonus for free to start trading without making a deposit at all.

FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus lets you experience the real trading environment without any risks to your own fund.

If you are intended to make a deposit and invest seriously in the real market, then you will earn more bonuses by depositing more amount.

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Cent Account with 100 times lesser order volume

While FBS lets you increase the trading volume by 3000 times with 1:3000 high leverage, you can also minimize the rate of return and risk by decreasing the trading volume by 100 times.

If you are new to the Forex and CFD market, and want to invest small amount and avoid too much risks, then you may open FBS’s cent account.

FBS’s cent account uses “cent lot” which is 100 times smaller than the “standard lot”.

On FBS’s cent account, you can trade with 100 times smaller volume, thus you can minimize the amount of profit and risk.

FBS provides traders with various account types and the cent account is one of them.

For the comparison of FBS’s all account types, visit the page here.

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Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone

With FBS, you can also trade with using your mobile phones.

Both FBS MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are compatible with any smart phones and tablet, including Android, iPhone and iPad.

FBS also has its own mobile app called “FBS Trader App” which you can download for free from FBS Official Website.

Open FBS Real Account and download the mobile apps to get access to world’s financial markets from anywhere and anytime.

All mobile apps are free to download and will be updated automatically.

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No Restrictions on Trading Methods

There is no trading restrictions in FBS’s MT4 or MT5. You can trade scalping, with EAs or even arbitrage in general.

This is because there is no conflict of interest between traders and FBS, and the broker does not need to restrict any profitable trading tools/methods.

This is one important thing that proves that FBS is a complete STP broker.

  1. No trading restrictions
  2. Because the broker doesn’t hedge(cover) clients’ orders
  3. The broker is not a Market Maker
  4. Meaning that it is a STP model

Some brokers defines that they are STP model but restrict some trading methods, because they are not really a complete STP broker but half STP and half Market Maker.

There hasn’t been any comments or reviews mentioning profit cancellations caused by FBS when they withdraw their funds.

By trading with this true STP broker, you do not need to worry about your funds or profits, but you can trade as you want and make profits as much as you can with any methods.

FBS only prohibits “latency arbitrage” especially on CFD products.

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FBS is a STP Forex broker

FBS is a STP broker and there are some points that confirm the fact.

STP stands for Straight Through Processing, and the trading system connects traders’

As FBS is a STP Forex broker, all orders on FBS MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are sent to the real markets provided by liquidity providers directly.

FBS does not cover its traders’ orders, thus there is no conflict of interest between the traders and FBS.

Although FBS wouldn’t cover orders of clients for Forex tradings, CFD is different.

CFD is an OTC derivatives and it needs to be hedged and managed by FBS.

SO in case you are trading CFDs with FBS, you are trading with FBS and there is a conflict of interest.

CFD is always delivered with OTC environment with any brokers but not just FBS.

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Visit the page here to check out FBS’s all bonus promotions and trading contests.