Stock Trading vs Stock CFD Trading

Both stock trading and stock CFD trading are ways for investors to trade stock market movements.

But there is a fundamental difference.

A trader who invests in stocks directly owns the underlying assets that are part of the company in which they will invest.

CFD trading, on the other hand, is a buying arrangement between a trader and a broker, which assumes the entry and exit of a stock position.

Stock CFD trading aims to profit from the price movement of an asset without owning the underlying asset, whereas stock trading aims to profit from the value of the stock held over time.

Invest in Stocks with FXTM

Why choose stock trading?

Stocks move independently of many other investments, making them an important investment destination for asset diversification. This means that stock trading can be an alternative investment vehicle while you incur losses in other stocks.
No Time Limit
Unlike stock CFDs, stocks can be held for any length of time . This means you can maximize your long-term trend return by holding stocks as part of your long-term trading strategy.
Risk Generation
Stock trading can also pose risks to a trader’s assets and can be a short-term source of income. Likewise, it should be borne in mind that short-term losses are possible.

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Condition of Stock Trading on FXTM

Stocks can only be traded on FXTM Pro MT5 accounts.

Pro MT5 accounts are designed to meet the needs of professional traders, including full-time traders, institutional traders, hedge fund managers and more.

This account has all the tools to get the most out of your traders, including no fees, no re-orders, and no compromises.

Stocks’ spreads start at a minimum of 0 pips. FXTM Pro MT5 traders can take advantage of institutional spreads as long as their account balance is above 250,000 EUR/GBP/USD. Spreads may increase depending on market conditions at specific times of the day.
Market price agreement
FXTM’s ultra-fast execution services are provided. When investing in stocks, you can take advantage of market execution, which means orders are executed in an instant, quoted at a market price, and immediate results no matter what type of trading strategy you use.
Lot size
Lot sizes are available to suit your trading style, including mini, micro and standard lots. For stock trading, you can trade a minimum of 0.01 lot and a maximum of 250 lots per trade.

Invest in Stocks with FXTM

Why investors choose FXTM for Stock Trading?

Global regulatory compliance and licensing companies
FXTM is regulated and licensed by FSC (Mauritius), Cyprus CySEC, South African FSCA and UK FCA.
Security and safety
Customer deposits are securely deposited in segregated accounts and customer transactions are protected by negative balance protection services.
Order fulfillment statistics such as requote, slippage, and order execution are verified by PWC.
Over 30 languages ​​supported
FXTM provides local language services so that customers can trade with confidence.
Focus on education
Seminars, workshops and online seminars offered by FXTM are held regularly.
Variety of trading products
Forex, Spot Metals, CFDs Trading.

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