You can join XM’s trading competitions with both MT4 and MT5 platforms. Win from the $120,000 in withdrawable cash prizes.

Contest Overview

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Contest SponsorXM (XM)
Prizes$120,000 Withdrawable Cash Prizes

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Win Big with XM Competitions

Exciting opportunities await at XM Competitions, where you can secure your share of a whopping $120,000 in withdrawable cash prizes!

XM brings forth a thrilling platform for both seasoned traders and newcomers to showcase their trading prowess, without the necessity of an entry fee.

Participants can choose between Real and Demo account competitions, each designed to cater to different levels of experience and commitment.

Unlock the potential to win big by opening a real account with XM.

To enter, ensure you meet the minimum equity requirement and gear up to compete against traders worldwide.

Real account competitions offer a unique challenge, encouraging participants to leverage their trading strategies under actual market conditions.

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You can join Competitions with Demo Account

For those looking to compete without financial risk, XM’s Demo account competitions are the perfect arena.

Complete the simple verification process, and you’re set to trade with virtual cash.

It’s an excellent way for beginners to get a feel for trading or for more experienced traders to test new strategies risk-free.

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Benefits of Joining XM Competitions

Win Withdrawable Cash Prizes:
The primary allure of XM Competitions is the opportunity to win cash prizes that you can withdraw and use as you please.
No Entry Fees:
Join any competition without worrying about extra costs.
Hone Your Trading Skills:
Test and refine your trading strategies in a competitive environment.
Open to All Levels:
Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader, there’s a spot for you.
See How You Stack Up:
Compare your trading skills against a community of like-minded individuals.
Gain Insights and Ideas:
Participate and learn new trading ideas and strategies from the competition and its participants.

Existing XM account holders can easily log in to their Member Area (MA) to join in on the excitement.

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Summary of the Competition Terms

How to enter the Competitions:
Choose the account you wish to compete with and check if it meets the specific competition’s requirements.
Where to find the latest information:
Find all necessary details, including terms, dates, and prizes, in the competition area for both Real and Demo accounts.
Joining Multiple Competitions:
Enter multiple competitions simultaneously with different accounts, provided each meets the respective competition’s criteria.
How Your Performance is Measured:
Performance is calculated based on net equity changes, unaffected by deposits or withdrawals. However, withdrawals can lead to competition elimination.
What are the Tiers and Prizes:
Competitions may feature multiple tiers with varying entry requirements and prizes, allowing for wider participation.
Trading Rules:
Both MT4 and MT5 accounts are eligible, and the use of Expert Advisors is permitted.
Where to check the Ranking and Results:
Competitor rankings are updated at regular intervals, and in the event of a tie, prizes are split accordingly. Results are accessible for both ongoing and completed competitions.

Remember, terms and conditions apply to all participants in XM Competitions.

For a detailed understanding of the rules and regulations, make sure to read the full T&Cs available on the XM website.

Whether you’re looking to test your trading skills, compete risk-free, or simply aim for the top prize, XM Competitions offers a dynamic platform to achieve your goals.

Get ready to trade, compete, and win with XM!

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