Tifia’s live trading contest runs through the year 2019. You can win every 2 weeks the cash prizes!

Contest Overview

Contest SponsorTifia (Tifia)
Prizes51,500 USD Cash Prize Pool
Contest Periodfrom February 1, 2019 until December 30, 2019
Entry Availablefrom February 1, 2019 until December 30, 2019

How to participate

Open a contest account and Deposit more than 100 USD.

Requirements for Participants

You must complete account verification with documents.


Tifia Trading Contest Information

Tifia Contest Type MT4 Live Trading Competition
Prize Amount 51,500 USD throughout the year
Requirement Account Opening and $100 Deposit
Withdrawal Available at anytime

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Tifia Contest Prizes

There are 3 types of cash rewards for participants.

Trade to win the prizes. Each nomination (prize) has different conditions.

1. “Best Start” Nomination with $1,500

Every 2 weeks, $1500 will be given to the top trader of the period.

There will be only one winner every 2 weeks, and the total amount of this type of prize is $31,500.

2. “Best Long-Term Profitability” Nomination with $15,000

The prize amount $15,000 will be given to the best trader in terms of profitability through the entire contest.

The contest “Rush for Profit” ends on December 30, 2019.

The trade with the best performance over the entire contest period will receive an impressive cash prize of $15,000.

3. “Fortune Choice” Nomination with $5,000

Don’t worry even if you are not making enough profit, because this prize is given to 20 traders randomly.

Prize is randomly raffled among all participants.

The consolation prize pool of $5,000 will be equally divided among the 20 participants.

How to participate to Tifia’s Live Trading Contest

Follow the steps below to join and win the cash rewards from Tifia’s live trading contest.

Tifia Official Website

1. Signup and Register for Tifia and the Contest

Signup for Tifia and open an account here.

Tifia Online Registration

You can participate for the contest at anytime before 23:59:59 December 30, 2019.

You can participate with any account types including Classic, Pro, Start and Crypto.

2. Deposit more than $100 to be qualified for the contest

The required deposit amount to be qualified for Tifia’s live trading contest is $100.

Make a deposit with any method you prefer.

After making a deposit, go to the contest page in Tifia’s Official Website and enter your preferred Nickname and select the type of account for the contest.

Then, you will receive an email your contest account information and further instructions.

3. Compete to win the prizes every 2 weeks

Start trading in the contest account to compete for prize of $1,500 during every two weeks.

Through the MT4 live trading contest, you are allowed to perform any kinds of trading strategies.

Note that you cannot participate in the Social Trading system or get deposit bonuses.

4. Continue trading to win the grand prize and “Fortune Choice” Nomination

Trade profitably since start till the December 30, 2019 to get the prize of $15,000.

Your current ranking will be displayed in the official website.

Go to Tifia Official Website

Fund Deposit and Withdrawal conditions

To join the live trading contest of Tifia, you must deposit more than $100.

Note that internal fund transfer isn’t considered as a deposit for the contest.

To qualify for the prize in any start, the participant must make a deposit of $100 to the contest account during the previous trading start.

Throughout the contest period, you can make fund deposits and withdrawals at anytime you want without any restrictions.

You must be careful that the contest account balance cannot be less than 100 USD, otherwise your contest account will be disqualified.

Join Tifia’s Contest Account